Most guys understand the inability to cool down at the end of a long work day during the summer. Most guys also like the feel of a decently heavy blanket over them to help them sleep. However, you can't be cool and have a heavy blanket unless it's friggin' freezing in the rest of the room.

You basically feel akin to Mr. Freeze.

No Longer!

Last week our AC was out, so my wife devised a way to make a quilt-like blanket that holds ICE PACKS! It's the ultimate heavy blanket, but keeps you cold at the same time. The other benefit is that during winter, she could heat the packs and create a warm blanket too. Overall, we both win during opposing seasons.

Things you'll need:
Fabric, something warm and comfortable, we used cotton and an old flannel sheet.
Batting (think sheets of cotton balls, used for padding)
Ice packs (somewhere between 10 and 40)
Sewing method (Machines in this case)
Generic sewing pieces (scissors, thread, pins, buttons, iron, etc)

Not terribly difficult overall, but time consuming. However, with the ability to lay and be chilled during hot summer months? It's worth it!

Also, I managed to talk my wife into trying this in her Etsy shop. If you want to get your own click the link here.

Step 1: Making the Master Pattern

Dara, my wife, has been pattern making in textiles fields for a very long time, so whipping this up was pretty easy for her.

You'll need measurements of what you want to cover with the blanket, and you'll need measurements of the ice packs you've chosen. We had a set of fairly standard 4x10 ice packs, and I had an old flannel blanket that was big enough folded in half.

Overall, there was enough room for ~40 ice packs; so, 40 pockets across a blanket that would end up being about the size of a twin bed.
<p>this is such a great idea! now i'm trying to think of a way to do this with a pillow/pillow case but have it still be comfortable...</p>
I am not a guy (I don't think) and I like to feel a decently heavy blanket on me when I sleep. Years ago, I found the idea to use ice packs as the reverse of hot bottles to refresh my bed. <br>Your idea is really awesome and perfect too in winter... with hot packs.
I put the freezer pack, for my lunch box, in a ziplock bag. That way any condensation will stay inside the ziplock and not get the insides of my lunch box all wet. I'd be willing to bet if condensation were an issue with the freezer packs for the blanket, this idea might help. Either way I LOVE this blanket creation! Well done!
Hey GarageGuru, thanks for the info. Condensation does not seem to be a problem, but we also used medical grade gel packs so may be a difference compared to normal icepacks.
I was going to say &quot;cool idea&quot; but think I'll say great idea instead. My problem would be FORTY icepacks! Buttoning them in, remembering to take them out and freeze them oh and freezer space, that's a LOT of freezer space ! Now if I had a freezer with enough room for 40 icepacks I'd probably have room for the WHOLE blanket in a plastic bag, that would save a lot of button fumbling and frosted fingers
Hmmm, we used medical gel packs. They fit in the mini-fridge freezer in my mancave so not a lot of space in the freezer. Say 1/4 of a standard freezer or 1 cubic foot.You can see my ultra comfortable banished couch in the photos. Zippers are faster/easier to work with, but I find them uncomfortable to sleep with so Dara made it with buttons for me. It's a choice preference.
...Nash? Hey! <br>(Hi Dara too, though I haven't met you)
Hey Orvis! Hi back.
Great news, everyone! My wife has agreed to try them in her Etsy store. If you want one, drop by: <a href="https://www.etsy.com/listing/155752544/freeze-blanket" rel="nofollow">here</a>.
I crave this. Stay Cold.
We now have this in our Etsy store if you want one:&nbsp;<a href="https://www.etsy.com/listing/155752544/freeze-blanket" rel="nofollow">https://www.etsy.com/listing/155752544/freeze-blanket</a>
Hey Man , what the nice idea ! <br>if you would like to be more war , wear more cloth and it's batter than just a underwear :D <br> <br>I'd like your funny face in the main picture !!! <br>
Do NOT sleep with this unless you want to get hyperthermia. :( <br/><br/>Awesome idea for small amounts of time though! What also would be cool would be to make rice packs, microwave & then inset those into the pockets so in the winter you could have a warmer blanket. :)<br/><br/><br/>I bet you could sell this for sure on Etsy for cold, hot or weighted purposes.
Picturerazzi, no hyperthermia, just a nice mid-50 degrees all night long. Cold blankets aren't for everyone. My wife is more like you, but for someone who puts off a lot of body heat it's amazing.
I just know that if you fill a waterbed up at a cool temperature you can actually give yourself hypothermia! :(<br><br>Maybe could you do this for how long you typically use it and take your temperature? If it goes below 95&deg;F you are experiencing mild hypothermia.
Awesome!! Not only does it keep you cool but it has the potential to save you money on cooling cost!! Great job!!
I only skimmed through this, so sorry if you already addressed this, but what about condensation? Do the ice packs make the blanket wet?
The ones we used did not.
Seems way to heavy for a blanket! Buy its a really cool idea though!
I have to find a way to make one of these. I always get hot at night because I have to have some sort of blanket to sleep under. Good to know I'm not the only one.
This is fantastically awesome. We live in Central Texas. My son would love it, and I will love it for hot flashes! LOL! <br>I have a question: What kind of ice packs did you use?
Oh my lord, the boy in my life needs one of these. Such a fantastic idea!

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