Picture of Freeze Water Instantly!
Okay, this experiment takes 6-10 days however the result is spectacular! I won't spoil it for you but the materials are easy and cheap to get if you don't have them. The correct scientific term for what you are doing with these materials is super-cooling or snap freezing which means that you keep water as a liquid, even below their freezing point.
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Step 1: The Materials!

Picture of The Materials!
These materials as you recall are cheap and easy to get. The material that most people might not have is the thermometer and, or the distilled water. The materials that you will need are:

-large bowl
-distilled water
-thermometer (good range would be -10°C to 110°C)
-transparent plastic cups (tip: a tall, narrow shape works best)
-piece of cardboard (e.g., empty cereal box)

Step 2: Steps 1 , 2, and 3!

Step 1:
Cut a circle from the cereal box to use as a cover for the plastic cup.

Step 2:
Pour a small sample of distilled water into a clean plastic cup and place the cup in the center of the bowl.

Step 3:
Cover the cup with the cardboard, then add ice cubes to the bowl, so that the ice is above the level of water in the cup. Be careful not to get any ice inside the cup.

Step 3: Steps 4, 5, and 6!

Step 4:
Sprinkle two tablespoons of salt over the ice cubes. Be careful not to get any salt inside the cup.

Step 5:
Uncover the cup and put the thermometer inside.

Step 6:
Monitor the temperature of the water. Over the next 10–20 minutes or so, you should see the temperature slowly decrease. Keep track of the time and temperature in your lab notebook.