Freezer Bag Omelettes





Introduction: Freezer Bag Omelettes

This video shows you in about a minute (and without talking) how to make a simple fun breakfast for a whole crew. Boom.



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    the plastics bag is an excellent container. What I am going to do now is make it and then freeze the bag. Thawing one out the night before in the fridge. Once I wake up I can put it in the pan and by the time I'm ready to eat, BAM! an Omelet!.

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    I'd suggest just making the bag the night before and then putting it in the fridge. It's not usually a good idea to freeze raw eggs.

    Why? Any sources to use to validate this?

    This is a great idea IF you do this. Crack all your eggs same time then mix add all your ingredients and keep in pitcher in the fridge. Pour the mixture into the bag and place in your electric kettle (Packed in ice room temp will melt the ice overnight) on a timer like your coffee it will begin to cook same time each day by morning the ice should have melted. Insulate your electric kettle I insulated mine with foil bubble wrap and duct tape it maintains its heat very well boils 1.7 liters of water in just 6 minutes what you do is clamp the top of the bag to the top of the kettle to keep the bag off the heating element. Just a matter of buying enough bags and supplies to make your food at the beginning of your week trick is buying the smaller bags makes it more affordable. Use tortilla or slice bread and mayo I like egg sandwich with mayo/mustard.

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    GREAT IDEA IF YOU WANT TO SAVE SPACE IN YOUR FRIDGE. A pitcher takes a lot less space than cartons of eggs? If you cut all your supplies blend them in advance you can save even more space. Best thing is you use ONE day to prep a weeks worth of meals. IF we used one day to cook like that we cook larger meals getting affordable pricing on the food and the week is spend eating the leftovers. Pot of spaghetti should last a week stored in bags saves space, To do all this you need ice to remove the heat I recommend going to the $1.50 ice machine getting 20 lbs of ice that should do it. Cool a meat loaf, cook a gumbo, maybe some pork chops, that should last the week for lunches and supper. Do the eggs in a pitcher and you would be shocked how much time and money you save each week. Buy cook same day no game just business.

    Did these this morning... came out AWESOME!!

    the 2 egg versions were done in about 12-13 mins.. the 3 egg version took a few minutes longer..

    and as an added bonus.. they fit PERFECTLY inside a tortilla shell for hand-held breakfast omelettes

    thank you for this much needed information !
    i'll try to get them ! … 

    very clever … 
    and the freezing bag may be useful to cook other dishes as well.
    think of the small meals you can cook with a freezing bag and an electric kettle.
    this could be of a great help when you visit frequently someone you cherish at the hospital : a way to tell him / her that home is still close.

    I was scared of the chocolate omlette, it wud be radioactive or something =.

    I did it and it blew up!

    not a bad idea.... but i can make an omelette in a pan in 4 mins

    Most plastics do not break down under 300 degrees. Unless the bag actually melts from touching the bottom of the pan, it should be fine. Though, I wouldn't reuse it too many times, myself, as the repeated extreme temperature change will weaken the bag considerably.

    Depends on whose flesh it's eating . . .

    That's what I said. lol

    I agree that you shouldn't use the bags for off label use, but the information at is a bit funny ;-) The SC Johnson rep never mentions a chemical risk - that's implied by the "press release". I think that Ziploc are worried about people burning themselves with melted plastic (a valid reason not to use boil them).

    Have a read of - it's quite an entertaining look at the press release.

    The Ziploc Website also addresses BPA and dioxins in its FAQ (apparently there are no carcinogens or poisons to worry about).

    I like that the article mention how eggs and cheese have fat and oils that get much hotter than water, but doesn't think about the fact that they won't get hotter than the water if the water is what is used to heat them. lol They have a reasonable point about the softening temperature of polyethylene, but what they don't seem to know is that softening point and breakdown point are not the same thing with plastics. Also softening is not the same as melting either. Good sources, flight. And you're right, it is pretty entertaining.