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Introduction: Freezer Jam

I love jam, but not the very sweet ones. Sometimes you buy jam and if you taste it with closed eyes you don't know what kind of jam it is....

In Europe and America it is easy to find fresh fruits and berries, but here in Asia these are imported goods. You can find Mangoes, Papayas, Lychees and more, but I don't like these as jam.

The imported fruits are expensive and most often tasteless as they arrive unripe. I do not make jam with those, they do not taste at all.

Freezer jam is an easy way of making jam without using so much sugar. The fruits and berries taste much more, but this is not a jam you can keep for long.

Step 1:

For 4-6 Jars:
1 kg frozen or fresh Raspberries
approx. 400 g Sugar

There are two kinds of Pectin, powder or liquid. I used Pomona's, please check the label on how much you need to use and how to prepare it! Mix it very well with the water, either by hand or even with the blender!

Step 2:

Defrost the frozen berries slightly and mix them with the sugar.
Now go and use your muscles and mash them with a potato masher. Mix the pectin as explained before and mix it into the berries. Go on mashing and mixing until the berries turn sticky and jam-like.

Step 3:

Fill the jam into clean jars and keep them in the freezer. Once open you can keep the jam in the fridge for up to 8 days.

This jam is perfect for fillings of cakes and sweets like doughnuts, or as a topping for dessert creams and puddings and ice cream!



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    This looks really good and easy! I guess this would work with any fruit?

    I believe so, but I only tried Raspberries, as they are easily available frozen here.

    Great photos!

    This is very interesting. You are right in that some jams has not fruit taste, especially cheap ones.

    I agree. And in some jams they add color and artificial taste...

    It looks so good! I love homemade jam! Thanks for your hard work and have a splendorous day!

    Thank you very much, have a wonderful day too!