So for fathers day i decided to do a t-shirt with a logo my brother made of a mountain dulcimer that my dad designed.
The HX Dulcimer t-shirt.

Round up for yourself one new or used T-shirt.

Step 1:

Find an image you like and print or sketch it onto a piece of freezer paper. I design and prepare my stencils using Silhouette Studio software and my Silhouette SD desktop cutting machine.

I save my art in a vector format in this case .dxf and send it to the cutter. Picture is the stencil positioned on the T-shirt. (ignore the lone square cut out in the upper part of the stencil, that was something else :-/ ) Of course if you don't have these tool's you'll need to carefully cut out your stencil using an X-acto knife.
Any one know where you can buy Freezer paper in the UK or what we call it?
I believe freezer paper is also known as butcher paper. Plastic coating on one side.
you could try at your local grocery store..
Waxed paper isn't as far a I can tell on sale in the UK - We tend to go to plastic bags for freezing.
You can get it on Amazon though.
Many years ago I used to do similar T-shirts, but I used those sheets of sticky clear plastic for covering books, etc. The backing paper was just about transparent enough that you could trace a dark image below it.

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