Picture of Freezer Paper Stencil!!
So for fathers day i decided to do a t-shirt with a logo my brother made of a mountain dulcimer that my dad designed.
The HX Dulcimer t-shirt.

Round up for yourself one new or used T-shirt.

Step 1:

Picture of
Find an image you like and print or sketch it onto a piece of freezer paper. I design and prepare my stencils using Silhouette Studio software and my Silhouette SD desktop cutting machine.

I save my art in a vector format in this case .dxf and send it to the cutter. Picture is the stencil positioned on the T-shirt. (ignore the lone square cut out in the upper part of the stencil, that was something else :-/ ) Of course if you don't have these tool's you'll need to carefully cut out your stencil using an X-acto knife.
rickharris3 years ago
Any one know where you can buy Freezer paper in the UK or what we call it?
I believe freezer paper is also known as butcher paper. Plastic coating on one side.
10Haleys (author)  rickharris3 years ago
you could try at your local grocery store..
Waxed paper isn't as far a I can tell on sale in the UK - We tend to go to plastic bags for freezing.
You can get it on Amazon though.
fred273 years ago
Many years ago I used to do similar T-shirts, but I used those sheets of sticky clear plastic for covering books, etc. The backing paper was just about transparent enough that you could trace a dark image below it.