Step 3: Preparing to Deploy

Picture of Preparing to Deploy
This will work only if the computers being used (including the victims) have net send enabled. This is easy, but remember that you need Windows XP computers for the prank to work. You might already have net send enabled, in which case this step can be skipped. You may want to check, however (see the bottom of this step).

Keeping that in mind, we will open up Run on one of the computers. You can do this by either hitting both the Windows key (the key with the Windows logo on it) and the "R" key, or by going under "Accessories" in "All Programs" in the Start Menu. When the Run bar comes up, type in "services.msc". (Of course, without the quotation marks.) Hit enter. A new menu should come up with a list. The list is in alphabetical order, making navigation easy. Find where it says "Messenger". Right click it and select "Properties". Where it says "Startup Type", put "Automatic". Exit out.

Repeat this for all the computers. You'll get fast at it with practice.
To check if a computer already has net send enabled, open the Command Prompt. It can be opened either by typing "cmd" into Run, or by clicking on it in "Accessories". Now type "net send /?" (again, without the quotation marks). If it responds with information about the command, then it is already enabled. If it responds by saying that "net send is not a command", than net send is not yet enabled.
RyanS124 months ago

The "Messenger" isn't coming up for me in there, please help.