Introduction: French Bun Hair Style Step by Step – Cute Girls Hairstyles - Easy Hairstyle You Can Do in 2 Mins

Let's have a quick look at a French Bun. When you are in a hurry and have nothing to do so not to worry.

Step 1: First Step How to Ponytail Your Hair and Make a Bun

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Comb your hair, smooth en it well, twist it go up, and try to put all this inside and clip it.Make a ponytail, pull it on to the top put a rubber band.

Step 2: How to Decorate the Roll

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Roll it tightly so that even if you are late the roller will come out. Finally the roll has come out ya, finally, cover up with bobby pins, make sure all four sides will be covered with the bobby pins so that your bun will be intact we are using this once again, put it at the center, and here the fast french bun is ready,

Step 3:


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