French Press Cold Brew Coffee





Introduction: French Press Cold Brew Coffee

I love coffee - but my addition gets pricey when I've got to shell out $4 for a small carton of cold brew coffee from my favorite local coffee shop. I also love iced coffee, but cringe when a barista pours hot coffee over ice: it's bitter & now it's just diluted.

Solution: make my own cold brew coffee using a french press!

The key to cold brew coffee is that it uses time - versus heat - to make a perfect cup of joe.

Grab your french press and let's get started :)

Step 1: Materials

- French Press

- Filtered water (you can use just tap water, but coffee is 99% water, so ya might as well use the best tasting water you can get your hands on)

- coffee: coarsely ground!!

- measuring cup

- rubber band

- plastic wrap

- coffee creamer (optional)

- sugar (optional)

- recycled glass bottle to put all of your delicious coffee concentrate into once you're done

Step 2: Let's Get Brewing!

- Add 2 cups of coarsely ground coffee to your french press

- Add 4 cups of (filtered) water on top

- Stir!

- Place plastic wrap over the top, seal off with a rubber band

Step 3: Wait... Patiently.... Then Press It!

The recommended time for cold brew is between 12 - 18 hours. I brewed mine for 18 hours, and it turned out perfectly!

Once you've waited oh-so-patiently for the perfect cup of coffee, press it!

Step 4: Prep Your Perfect Cup of Cold Brew Coffee!

With this recipe, I recommend diluting it 1:1 (coffee concentrate to water ratio).

For those who get the jitters from strong coffee, I'd kick the water portion up a notch, as this is quite strong.

Grab some water, ice, a cup, and creamer and/or sugar, and kick start your morning with this coffee! Store your coffee concentrate in the glass bottle you're re-using, and now you'll have coffee concentrate for your work week.

You can even use your coffee grounds in your garden as compost if you want!

Thanks for reading my Instructable, and if you try this, let me know!



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I love my French Press. I started using it when I lived in the Netherlands and now use it, along with my other cold brew appliance, for my coffee. It makes delicious coffee and I buy my coffee, ground coarse, at the local grocery store.

I will be trying this tonight!

Do you need to refrigerate it overnight?

Just made this last night/am drinking it this morning....PERFECT ratio of coffee to water. Most cold-pressed coffee recipes have the ratio for unground beans to water, and I only have ground coffee.....thanks! Excellent :)

Awesome! Thank you. I love coldbrew coffee and want something I can keep in my tiny fridge by my desk and not share with anyone! lol. Really though, this is great. =)


You can scale this up to a gallon easily using a plastic or glass jug; let the coffee mixture sit in the fridge for 24 hours then strain. Med and Dark roasts work best - really brings out the chocolate flavors. Doesn't need sweetener or ice or anything.

Just curious if you measure the coffee ground or whole? My 8 cup press was 3/4 full after adding 2 cups of ground beans.

If you dont have course ground coffee you can use regular - you can simply pour it from the pot into a jar (I use a wine bottle) through a coffee filter.

Using milk instead of water, helps with the strongness and makes taste even better!

Milk also keeps coffee from staining dentures! BONUS!