Picture of French Toast Recipe
An easy french toast recipe that will get you eating in minutes, instead of slaving in the kitchen.
Seriously, is there a person on this planet that doesn't like French Toast?
If you are that person, then you need to get the heck out of here right now. This Instructable will blow your mind.
Really, your head will explode. Leave now.

For the rest of us that love the good life, here's an easy recipe that will transform any bread into sweet, eggy magic.
This project won the Burning Questions 6 - French Toast Recipe

Also, check out my recipe for stuffed french toast
Enough talk, let's toast!

Step 1: Ingredients - raid the fridge

Picture of ingredients - raid the fridge
There are countless variations on this timeless recipe, so go ahead and get messy. Make up your own and share, there's so many different ways to make this simple dish. Just about every recipe will have something similar as what i have for a base, feel free to use it as a guide and modify to make your breakfast super tasty.

    utensils + implements:
  • medium mixing bowl
  • fork
  • spatula
  • large frying pan
  • measuring cup

  • 6 slices of bread (any kind)
  • 2 eggs (brown, white, free range, ostrich, etc.)
  • 2 cups milk (3%, rich milk/cream means thicker batter)
  • dollop of butter
  • spices (cinnamon, nutmeg)

*yields 6 slices

That's it, simple!

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THEJJRAT3 months ago

I love toast...

(If I change my profile pic, this comment won't make sense)

This is an easy and short recipe. If yours is turning out soggy or burnt, I found a good idea here how to make the golden crust. It also helped me to choose a good bread. Basically you just need to use more butter, and make sure you don't leave the toast unattended. 
patrickh444 years ago
great recipe and so easy to make.
prc514864 years ago
loved the recipe but i too wound up with too much milk. my solution was to add flower and make pancakes with the left over mixture. i also made a cinnamony syrup made out of cinnamon, sugar, vanilla extract, and water and heated it until it was a syrupy consistency. my breakfast for dinner was splendid. thanks for the recipe. :o)
I used 1/2 cup of milk and it made 5 pieces beautifully.
I agree. Way too much milk, but still good.
since you use cinnamon, egg, and milk. i have a favor to ask you to try for me idk if you have already tried or not but try some egg nog classic with the batter, inform me of how it turns out
How come you can't try it yourself and inform us all? It's worth a try and if it works you can post an instructable.
eggnog is the wrong consistency (srry if i misspelled it) it wont cook like an egg.
wat.4 years ago
Your using un-natural ingredenct.
mattbomb5 years ago
hey i heard that dinosaur's are fattening
woodelf5 years ago
ORANGE ZEST! and some fresh orange juice squeezed right in.
daywalker426 years ago
OM NOM NOM NOM NOM is good, ya! I had no dino buddies, alas I have NO friends whatsoever. -_-' but these were tasty......very very tasty XD good job
I'll be your friend
yeah,that's what they all say. *runs away crying like a little girl*
I like to mix in lots of cinnamon and a fair amount of nutmeg.

Here is my "secret.'  Shhhhhh....

I use heated oil instead of butter.  It gives it more of a crunchy surface (fried).  The oil needs to be fairly hot before placing the bread in it so that it does not "soak in." 

For added crunch, I smash something like cheerios into a fairly course mixture (Just place cheerios in a baggie and mash with your hand or something like a coffee mug bottom)  Just whisk the crunchies in with the batter. 

Serve with lots of butter and warmed maple syrup.  Slurp.  Gonna make some right now!

Great Instructable.  Thanks for sharing!

the cheerios is a fun idea, I'll have to try that out next time!
Lance Mt.5 years ago
 Oh god thats nice.. *drools* must have put excessive amounts of cinnamon and vanilla. With a spoon full of ice-cream it could go well.  
eskeele6 years ago
My kids like it really soaked through and through, and this makes it much healthier. I even take stale, dry bread and soak it overnight. A different meal but oh so yummy.
 Yeah, another use for stale bread which turns out moist huh. Hmmm
Lance Mt.5 years ago
 Never saw this ible here? Anyways, when i use to do mine i'd go about 2 eggs, splash off milk and a pinch of salt for the most part. 

    -Trying your recipe now, Chris
lutin6 years ago
This is awesome. My mom used to make me french toast almost exactly like this every Monday before school when I was a kid.
steed11726 years ago
i make mine with more then A dash of cinnamon, less milk(1/3 cup) and tablespoon (or just spoonfull) of flour

maybe I'll try making it this way next ....

p.s no dino cutters.... will little chickens do .??
mikeasaurus (author)  steed11726 years ago
Thanks for sharing your recipe, just reading about additional cinnamon is making my mouth water.

p.s no dino cutters.... will little chickens do ??
You sir, need to go out and get yourself a set, immediately! I guess chicken-pancakes are pretty awesome, I mean birds are modern day dinosaurs, right?
raaaarr(rawr) and bwuk bwuk or squaaaaa(rr)wk close enough :P
beadydani6 years ago
Sorry but French toast is not eaten or known all over the world especially here in England. I had my first taste (heard/read about it before) when I went to New York several years ago, loved it so much I started searching online for receipes. Now I have it every saturday (in place of my English breakfast) morning or as a Sunday lunch. Yes, it is very good with cinnamon. Thanks for sharing this anyway. I may post an English receipe at some point.
jacoby3086 years ago
of course, the dinosaurs went "RAWR", not "RAARR". You should've known that. Very nice instructable, thanks a lot and eat lots of dinos :D
But the mini ones would go mew! =)
twocvbloke6 years ago
I like French toast (or eggy bread as I call it), though I have never had it sweet with vanilla and cinnamon, I prefer it savoury with a pinch of salt and some black pepper in the mix, and when cooked served with tomato ketchup, and if to hand, some pigmeat (normally Bacon and/or sausages) too... :D
mikeasaurus (author)  twocvbloke6 years ago
I've talked it over with the dinosaurs and they prefer sweet to savoury, but what do they know? Their brains are tiny, and mine is mighty! I enjoy both types, and I'm sure I could convince those stubborn dinos. Having them sweet isn't everyone's favourite, and this recipe works well with savoury as well as sweet. I'm also a huge fan of pepper and ham rolled together, really the possibilities are endless and no matter what the combination it's usually a success. As for the name, this instructable was originally called eggy bread (it had to be changed to meet Burning Questions criteria, you can still see the name in the url of your browser).
DREDGONRED6 years ago
omg... sooo hungry for french toast dinos....
i `m too much hungry ...........
Akiro6 years ago
looks taste i wanna try this
Very nice! sitting here eating it now. the vanilla is a greath ingredient ans it does definetly need sugar! mine turnd out more of a large pancake as the peices of bread broke up. tastes greath anyway! thanks!
imrobot6 years ago
two words
powdered sugar
Azayles imrobot6 years ago
Isn't most sugar powdered? :-P
imrobot Azayles6 years ago
powdered sugar = the yummy stuff on jelly donuts..... *drool* mmmm donuts.....
Mr. Brownie6 years ago
What's good is If you make Two slices, then put a slice of Kraft Singles to one, then stack the other on the cheese and add syrup. YUMMY! =)
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