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I make french toast. I explain how.
A long long time ago a man, Wilford T. Edgington, looked down at his breakfast plate and said, "This toast and these eggs are rather tasty. If only they could be combined." As this was before women who were not the Queen of England had any rights, he made his wife figure it out.

After that he made millions on the patent and then divorced his wife in favor of a woman he met at a cabaret. He soon contracted Syphilis and died.

Which is to say that the 19th Century sucked. But French Toast, despite this sordid history does not suck - it is delicious.

Special Thanks to TimAnderson, Canida and Ewilhelm for making this instructable possible

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients

Ingredients courtesy of TimAnderson

1) Eggs (about 1 per every three slices)
2) Bread.
I had Challah bread from Semifredi's. I'm of the opinion that Challah bread makes the tastiest
french toast.
3) Butter (Vegetable Oil is also a possibility)
4) A small bowl
5) A frying pan
6) A spatula
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theBean8 years ago
didn't we rename this to "Patriot Toast" a couple of years ago?
I thought it was "Freedom Toast"
No, those would be Freedom Fries.
pfred23 years ago
My favorite bread for making french toast is Italian bread from Natale's bakery in Summit New Jersey. It is best if the bread is a little stale. Oh, and as others have pointed out you're supposed to put a little milk in with your eggs before you whip them up.
triumphman3 years ago
What does it mean " of course its kosher" is that a brand of bread ? Like wonder bread ?
maltesergr83 years ago
Good 'ible. However, French Toast has milk/cream mixed in with the eggs, before the bread is dipped to be fried!
robac7 years ago
hmm, i've tried making them for a first time like 10 minutes ago and they're quite good, but they aren't crunchy (or crispy, i miss the proper word) - they feel like omelette. what should i do to make them better? oh, and before taking them from the pan, i put cheese on one side and covered the pan - it gives them a nice, salty taste
If it feels like an omelette, try using more milk or a little less egg.
you could coat it with some oats, granola or coconut
CodeKid10014 years ago
go challah! (of course it's kosher) It is deliciously sweet and french toast is even better with raisin challah.
It's so hard to pronounce
inquisitive7 years ago
Try using Heavy Whipping Cream in place of milk...it makes it even fluffier and very tasty.
heavy cream whips too easily and will probably prevent the emulsification process necessary to work into the bread fibers, Then, it burns easily and can blacken the french toast very quickly. Just my opinion, tho. if it works for you. I use 2 parts milk, 1 part half and half, and a tsp or so of sour cream.
r u really evil? I generally love tacos. the cheese melting atop the chicken... *eyes roll back, drool*
I've used heavy cream and it's fab. You have to bring the temp of the heating implement down a bit so that it has a little more time to cook, but you end up with something reminiscent of bread pudding. Except that it sticks together.
bumsugger7 years ago
Not sure 'bout the history,but over here in the UK this is a favourite called "Eggy Bread," whereas what we call "French toast" is (any) bread that has been buttered prior to putting it under the grill.
in french, this is pain perdu (=lost bread).

"Which is to say that the 19th Century sucked. But French Toast, despite this sordid history does not suck - it is delicious." :D
My mom always made this when I was growing up and I never liked it! For a sweet french toast, try Alton Brown's recipe on foodnetwork.com. It's FAB.
freakinslop7 years ago
i heard that egg toast, peaches and cream cheese makes good french toast too
buttersnake7 years ago
I learned a more proper way to make french toast and actually had a laugh at the intro.....haha.
For a variation on this, I use a fruit or raisin bread, add cream and cinnamon to the egg. Sprinkle with cinnamon & sugar after it's cooked & serve with more cream and any of maple syrup, or any sliced fruit you fancy - I like sliced mango but stonefruit, berries or bananas all work well. If you really want to go all out then grill the fruit with a little sugar (and rum) to give a nice caramelised flavour. Damn, I've made myself hungry!
challah is great. So's egg bread, especially if you get it unsliced. I disagree with veggie oil, tho. Almond oil ftw. season the bread with nutmeg and allspice before you egg wash it? powdered sugar and cinnamon, imo, are the best toppings. maybe with a drizzle of butter. syrup is like ketchup to me. It buries the flavor of the food.
witty intro, and great pics.
gotta use a bit of milk too, maybe some cinnamon
i make somthing called toad in a hole. you cut a hole in the bread and then you put it on the pan and crack an egg into it.
JakeTobak8 years ago
I wish people called it eggy bread in my area, I would have made it a long time ago. It tasted so good that I assumed there was a lot to it, but I just made a couple slices and ate them minutes before posting this. I'm gonna be having French Toast for breakfast a lot more now. I used one egg and got two slices out of it (using plain white bread). But there was a little left over that wasn't quite enough for a 3rd slice. I think if you start cooking this in bulk, I would buy enough eggs for a 2:1 ratio, but plan on using enough for a 5:2 ratio. (not quite 2:1, but not quite 3:1 either)
TangMu8 years ago
Hehe when i was a kid we just called this eggy bread...
lemonie TangMu8 years ago
Yes, so did we. This eggy-bread looks deliciously golden & crispy...
marfisa8 years ago
salt and pepper mixed with the eggs. On top, Orange Marmalade!
peaceman8 years ago
A dash of Vanilla adds a nice flavor to the French Toast mix.
acaz938 years ago
A Couple Of Slices Of Ham And/or Bacon Will Make The Perfect Mobile Breakfast , Served With Some Hot Chocolate Or A coffe With Milk And Caramel , i always eat This At My Gamdma's House Infortunately She Never Gave me the Recipe
supes8 years ago
I am equal on milk/eggs also...
I like to make this a little sweet w/o syrup so I add a bit of sugar / cinnamon or just add cinnamon and top with confectionery sugar when done...

I have never tried my methods but they should work
heathweaver8 years ago
Ah, but didn't you know the secret? A chef once told me that the way they make the French toast look so yummy at the restaurant is by adding pancake mix. It's tubby-delish!
newtontroy8 years ago
I like to put cinnamon and nutmeg..
I was gonna say, you can't forget the cinnamon!
dataphool8 years ago
Interesting. My slice of bread to egg ratio is approximately 2 : 1. In my family, we like maple syrup with the toast. It is necessary to serve 5 to 6 slices of bacon (fried crisp but not burnt) per egg plus 1 medium to large boiled potato which is then sliced and fried in a hot frying (cast iron) pan. hmmm. maybe a couple of sausage links... that's ecstasy, why do kids think ecstasy comes from a lab, not a frying pan? ...
westfw8 years ago
Interesting. When I make "french toast", I use substantial milk, and I make sure that the bread is well saturated all the way through before cooking it. This results in nearly a whole egg being used for each piece of bread, and requires some care to make sure that the toast gets cooked all the way through without burning the outside. I'll have to try it your way sometime. Also, I had an interesting revelation recently about the closeness of "french toast" and "bread pudding." Add some sugar to your eggs/milk, and you get a result suitable for dessert, much quicker than oven-baked bread pudding, and much more flexible in quantity.
ewilhelm westfw8 years ago
Having tried this particular batch, I'm betting David gets away with just using eggs because of the challah. It's exceptionally moist and rich to start out with, so you don't need to add the milk like you would for plain white bread.
Yea, thats the way I do it to, Equal parts milk and eggs.
ozjudge8 years ago
From a personal stand point, I add a touch of salt, sage, tarragon, rosemary and pepper. Makes a great breakfast or snack.
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