French Tuna Sandwich





Introduction: French Tuna Sandwich

Hey guys,

Time to share with you another heathy, flavorful and fun to eat sandwich. Hubbie and I came across this at a French restaurant in PA. We loved it, I wanna make it at home yah dah yah dah yah dah :)

I made this for a family dinner as an appetizer and everyone loved it. Definitely a crowd pleasing type of food. Let’s jump right in to it!

Step 1: Bread & Hummus

1. Start off with a piece of multigrain toasted bread. You can use French baguette to keep with the theme if you want. I used what I always have on hands. We basically want something with a crunch to it. I spread a generous amount of hummus over it. I used the one with some roasted peppers but the most basic type would work.

Step 2: Tuna

Spread on top of the hummus some tuna fish chunks. I used tuna from a can and it was just delicious.

Step 3: Cannellini Beans

3. The next layer would be cannellini beans. Again, from a can, rinsed and drained. Can you already see that this is the type of thing that you can quickly put together as you guests entering your door steps? ;-)

Step 4: Diced Tomatoes

4. To add some beautiful color and freshness to the sandwich, I add some diced tomatoes as the next layer. Be sure to add only the tomato’s “meat”, no seeds, no juice as they would make your sandwich soggy and we don’t want that.

Step 5: Cilantro

5. Top the whole thing off with a leaf or two of cilantro. You can also sprinkle some sea salt and freshly ground black pepper too.

Step 6: Yummy!


Love this combination, flavor busting in every bite! Hope you’ll try this out!



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    This looks so yummy but how is this French?

    Sorry for taking such a long time to respond. How is it French? uhmmm...My husband and I first ate this sandwich from a French restaurant in PA, so I went home and tried to recreate it. I don't know if I can explain the French-ness to you from a culinary point of view (sorry!). Hope you'll still try it out though cuz it is yummy!

    I guess you could call it mediterranean though. It's could be French from the beans, Grec from the humus, Portugese from the tuna and Italian from the tomato and coriander touch.
    If you want to make it French, call it a "Tartine" (pronounced /taʁ.tin/ ) which is what it is, a slice of bread with topping (sweet for breakfast -butter and jam- as savoury -saucisson, cheese etc-) ;-)

    Interesting and very colorful. Looks good to the eyes. Thanks for the instructable Natalie

    Thank you! Promise that it's good to the tummy too :-)

    Yummy to the tummy is always a good thing. :D