Introduction: "Frenchie Test Motor"

“Frenchie Motor” Test Wheel Run.

This is the basis for my motor design. Trying to apply leverage to create torque force. This test wheel is able to run for 24 hours on one battery charge before it starts to slow down. After 30 hours I ended timing the run because the motor was slowing down. It may have run for another day before completely draining the battery.

I find this very exciting. If we had used a 12 volt battery drill to turn this wheel, from the centre, at 120 rpm our battery would be expired within one hour. But because we apply push to the outside of the wheel we use very little electricity to generate torque. I measured the power use to be .25 amps @ 12 volts DC

I am presently completing my newest motor design, much larger, and more powerful,. I am not ready to share the secrets of this new design yet, till it is finished and patented. As for my name here " Masternot " I am not a master in electronics, the reason for me joining Instructables. I am here seeking the help of a “Master in Electronics”, to collaborate with to complete the design work on my electronic sensor drive system.

Anyone offering any critical information that aids to my design will be remembered and receive recognition and rewards as per their contribution.

If your expertise is in Transistor switching circuits, motor controllers, power mosfets etc. I would like to here from you.

For anyone else this is a great fun project easy to build if the video is not sufficient to show you how just ask and I'll tell you all you need to know to build a " Frenchie Motor” test wheel.


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