This video describe how to measure the frequency of sound using the built in microphone on a MacBook Pro and the software LabVIEW. This program could be used to tune a musical instrument. In this example I use a frequency generator hooked up to a speaker to produce noise at a specific frequency. In LabVIEW it is a very quick process to measure the frequency of a sound, this can be achieved without any additional hardware besides the microphone on your laptop. In principle, this should work on a PC or a Mac. The example is on a Mac. It also shows how to use the Tone Measurement VI in LabVIEW.

<p>I wish they had one as well. I would make all my students buy it. Unfortunately it is sort of expensive. </p>
<p>LabVIEW is cool. I wish they had a non-commercial license that normal people could afford. Me.</p>
<p>I love LabVIEW!</p>

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Bio: I am an experimental physicist who teaches electronics and researches quantum computing. Programming LabVIEW and Arduino cards is extremely fun. Most of the videos are ... More »
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