The key to making delicious guacamole is making it simple and fresh. With just a few essential ingredients, this guacamole is easy to make and will be a hit with your friends & family! This serving is for 2-4 people.

Step 1: Ingredients & Tools

Ingredients : You'll need 2 ripe avocados, 1/4 of a large red onion, 2 cloves garlic, half bunch of cilantro, half a lime, salt and pepper. For spicy guacamole, add 1/4 of a small spicy green pepper.

Tools: You will need a medium-sized mixing bowl, a spatula (wood spatula is best), a chopping knife, a cutting board, a spoon, and of course, CHIPS!

on my instructable you use 3 avocados, pace hot sauce, and garlic salt. that is it.
I had everything out to make the guac but when I was preparing the avocados, I ate all of them before I even got it into the bowl... I. NEED. HELP!!!
Personally, I would use cumin powder rather than pepper, but that's just taste.<br /> <br /> I would like to note that if you use a fork to smash up the avocado after you cut it but before you scoop it out, it works more easily.&nbsp; <br />
Lovely recipe. If you have nice tomatoes, you can chop and add those as well, they work well in guacamole.<br /> <br /> I&nbsp;agree about the coarse salt. I&nbsp;try to use the Himalayan salt because it comes from an inland source. It is hard to know how polluted the ocean is where various sea salts are being collected. Trader Joe's has a nice grinder jar of the Himalayan salt for a reasonable price.<br /> <br /> I&nbsp;personally would cut out the brown bits from the avocado on the left in your photo, it is definitely over-ripe. Once an avocado has more than a little brown it starts to effect the taste of the whole fruit but the one with the brown spots here looks just salvageable. any more than this and I'd probably toss it. I&nbsp;try to have more avocados on hand than I&nbsp;need for just this contingency.
Good stuff.&nbsp; I usually make a homemade salsa, and use some of that, with the avocado, to make the guacamole ...&nbsp; which is still very similar to this recipe<br />
For more flavour dry the Avocado skin after finished removing middle of the Avocado. Grind up the dried skins and add some to the Guacamole. If you can find Avocado leaves you can use them instead.<br />
another way to prevent the guacamole from turning brown, is to put a few of those seeds back in the bowl while refrigerating.&nbsp;
As far as salt goes, Margarita salt is a MUST. It has the texture of a kosher, or sea salt as well as adding a salty lime to the taste of the guacamole which goes perfectly with the rest.<br />
great write up, this is exactly how i usually do it.<br />
I like to use the fresh ground pepper, that you mentioned, but along with that I also like to use Kosher salt, or a Sea Salt that comes out nice and coarse.&nbsp; Even though it is still salt, it seems to change the overall texture.&nbsp; Great use of pictures in your 'ible !!
I agree!&nbsp;I&nbsp;use sea salt as well... I didn't want to make readers feel like they had to use it though. Maybe I should change it to sea salt though, because it is much better.<br />
p.s.&nbsp; I&nbsp;also gave it 5 stars, very simple recipe with an easy explanation....most people don't know how easy it is to make good guacamole.&nbsp; Grats on being featured !!
Great photos!&nbsp; One trick I picked up from watching Rick Bayless is to rinse/soak, the diced onion in water first.&nbsp; It works very well to cut out some of the onion's bite and makes (for our household) our guacamole acceptable to even my youngest picky eater.&nbsp; And I agree with the comment from &quot;muzzz&quot; about cumin: 1/4 to 1/2 tsp per couple of avocados in this recipe = happy times!<br />
How about cumin?<br />

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