My parents have an apple tree on their property and each year they spend hours and hours peeling and cooking down apples to make applesauce and apple pie filling. I always said it's too much work just for applesauce - even though the taste and texture is superior to the store bought version.

If you happened to read my ible for Homemade Raspberry Sherbet you know that I have a very nice 91 year old neighbor that lets me pick all her raspberries. She also has a Starkrimson (red) pear tree that she allows me pick from!!

The tree itself isn't that big but there are thousands of pears on it. I decided the best way to use these relatively small pears was to make pear sauce. My entire family loves pear sauce so I made 10 quarts of it!

The process is VERY easy as there is no peeling like with applesauce! YAY!

Step 1: Pick and Wash Pears

If you have a pear tree this is a no-brainer. Pick pears and wash them thoroughly.

If you do not have a pear tree you might want to ask around to see if someone in your neighborhood does. Chances are they would love to give you several dozen pears to keep them from falling off the tree and rotting on the ground.

If you are making pear sauce with store bought pears it might be kind of expensive. Especially if you are seeking out an organic variety. Luckily my neighbors tree is convenient and organic!

50 small pears will make approximately 3 quarts of pear sauce with some left over to eat immediately!!
It will not help the pie filling, but investing in a food mill, like the Victorio or Eurodib,, will save hours and hours. No more peeling or coring your pears or apples!
Looks delicious!!!
YUMM! You just gave me a new recipe for my pear trees
You sir are a badass
Yummy! I usually don't like pears, but I'll certainly eat it in sauce form :)

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