Introduction: Fresh Strawberry Smoothie

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if you are looking for an easy snack that is delicious, yet healthy, look no further! this smoothie is filled with fresh strawberries and honey!

Step 1: Ingredients/materials

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-1/2 cup milk
-2 small packages of yogurt. I used strawberry flavored yogurt
-about 5 fresh strawberries, cored
-3/4 cup ice
-a squeeze of lemon juice
-about a tablespoon of honey
-(optional) red food dye (I used a drop or two of all natural red food dye)

-rubber spatula (helps get all the yogurt out of the bowl

Step 2: Add Ingredients and Blend

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the beauty if smoothies is that they are so simple, they take less then a minute once you gather the ingredients. they are healthy and delicious too.

Step 3: Serve!

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enjoy your delicious, healthy smoothie. try us on anything you want in it.


Pitfyre7319 (author)2016-04-18

Use frozen strawberries and don't water it Dow with ice.

Iowaboy_3 (author)Pitfyre73192016-04-18

that'd a very good idea. if you use ice and drink it right away, like I did, it doesn't loose any thickness. I'll give that a try next time

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