Fresh Tagliatelle (without a pasta machine)

Picture of Fresh Tagliatelle (without a pasta machine)
As featured in my Beef Ragu Instructable.

This is great with dishes such as Carbonara, Bolognese Sauce, etc.

Hand-rolling your pasta dough requires a little more stamina than using a pasta machine but it's not impossible...
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Step 3: Shape the dough...

Picture of Shape the dough...
Shape the dough into a flattened square (or rectangle) using your hands. As you can see from the photo, mine was "totally square" - oopsy!

Step 4: Roll it out...

Picture of Roll it out...
With light, even pressure begin rolling out the dough, starting from the centre.

To keep the dough as rectangular as possible, occasionally push it back into place.

The dough usually gets so long that it's needs to dangle off the edge of my work surface in order for me to focus on the other end. (see photo 5)

Step 5: See your fingers...

Picture of See your fingers...
Continue to roll until you're left with an extremely long and thin sheet of pasta.

You should be able to see your fingers through the dough when it's held up by the back of your hands - to the point where the dough is almost transparent and feels as if it could fall through your fingers any second.

Note though that eggless pasta dough doesn't need to be rolled out quite as thin as egg pasta dough.  Like I mentioned in the video: either way, it'll probably take a few attempts of rolling out and cooking before you master this.

With egg pasta, it's practically impossible to roll out it out too much - or least I never have. Keep pushing the boundaries each time.

It might look thin when raw but will really thicken in all directions.  The thinner it is, the quicker it cooks.  I've gotten the cooking time down to 2 minutes.  If it takes longer than that then you'll know for next time.  Don't lose heart!

Step 6: Divide the pasta...

Picture of Divide the pasta...
Divide the pasta into 2-4 manageable sheets.