Step 5: Cooling Them Down

8. Take the veggies out and dunk them into the cold water bath. Some people claim you need ice in the water to stop the cooking but we don’t. I swirl them around in the water and make sure they are COLD.
9. Now move them into the colander and start squeezing the water out of them.
excellent way to show how its done, I have been too lazy to learn how to properly do the blanching so I now have a monster worm farm. Now the worms will have to make do with leftovers!
Your worms must love you! If you have a compost pile throw a few in there too.<br>After a party we filled our worm farm with the used paper plates. They ate them for a few days and than moved over to our crappier compost. Lesson learned: worms can be picky eaters :)

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