Introduction: Fresnel Lens 3002ºF DIY Lava Obsidian FARMING

SOALR Backyard Obsidian with the use of a large Fresnel Lens


rabbit358 (author)2014-11-16

Could you please tell me from which type of tv you got this lens?

It seems to be quite difficult to find a proper lens.

hshehata (author)2014-06-03

I just got a very big tv but I'm not sure if the lens will work. the size of it is like a meter x 2/3 of a meter

EmcySquare (author)2013-03-20

Great !! Got My lens from a TV like you said, Hope is the right type
Looking forward to test it !!

Let me know the TV and any issues you may have with the lens. There were 846 different style types of lenses made over the years and most are/were total crap for solar. But a few were good to very good. I can help if needed.

The "strip any big screen tv and instant death ray" is totally incorrect. This year in 2013 the average thrown away big screen to good lenses ratio is 1 good lens for every 57 big screens recovered or scrapped. No tvs manufactured in the past 6 years utilize a Fresnel lens. No tvs in the past 9 years utilize a good solar lens.

So I hope you got a good one!!! Regards Dan

Ops... this makes my changes way too narrow...
The TV was a Pioneer SD T50 W1. Can you tell me if there is any chance it's a good one?
How could I get a good lens otherwise?

Cambenora (author)2013-03-23

Your neighbours must be like: "Look out. Dan's burning holes in things again."

They all burn holes in stuff with other means, kind of a rural farm like area. The UPS and Fedex people act like they are seeing magic. Thank you for the comment.

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