Frickin Sweet Drink





Introduction: Frickin Sweet Drink

Make a really tasty drink with two ingrediants

Step 1: Ingrediants

Two ingrediants

1. Tonic water

2. fresh blueberries

Step 2: Mix

Pour a glass of tonic water
next, put fresh blueberries in the tonic water.
let sit for a bit.
In about 30 seconds to a minute, you will have blueberry infused tonic water!

Step 3: Drink Up

what more can I say?



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    I couldn't get this to work. my blueberries refused to flavour the tonic water! so I blended them in a food processor with some ground cinnamon, squeezed out all the liquid from the mush and mixed the liquid with the tonic water. It was pretty awesome =]

    The one in the blue bottle is Bombay Saphire.

    Here's another one that I just came up with....... put some tonic in a glass............add gin to flavor!!! could do it with vodka too!!!! sweet...........I gotta think up a name for these concoctions!

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    gin and tonic...

    LOL! I burst out laughing! xD

    so did I >_

    Make sure to use a gin that's dear, such as Plymouth or Tanq' or that stuff in the blue square bottle, the name of which escapes me at the moment. Again, you must use the dear gin, as the cheap gin is a blasphemy, and an offense against all things proper. A section of lime is up to your own preference. Ice is considered civilized. I'm not so picky about vodka, as it doesn't really taste like much of anything, except for reaaaaaallly cheap vodka, which has a taste akin to what motor oil smells like.

    could you do this with other fruits? if so, which ones?

    Yes, I saw thjat one, but i like something a bit more strong.

    Can we have a picture of the final result? Is it bitter?

    My bad Andrew546, it's up to you how many you want to put in. More equals more blueberry taste, and less equals less blueberry taste

    No, he was listing off the materials. He didn't place anything to seperate the numbers from the words (such as a period usually followed by a space) so they ran together.