Introduction: Friction Drive Motorized Bicycle W/ GX25

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All you need for this project is...

-Bike $50+

-Engine $25

-Throttle Grip $7

-Angle iron $5

-Turnbuckle $7

-5in long 3/8 bolt $5

-Coupler nuts x2 $4

-1/2in U-bolts x2 $1 each

-3/8 nuts $1 each

- BMX drive peg $3 for 2

All the tools you need...



-Cut off wheel


Total price for everything was $110ish which includes the bike itself.

Step 1: Getting an Engine

Picture of Getting an Engine

Get an engine that is 50cc or lower. You can go to craigslist and search for weed wacker engine or if you already have an engine laying around then your set. My engine is a Honda GX25

Step 2: Picking a Peg

Picture of Picking a Peg

Remember that the bigger the peg you have it will give you a high top speed but a horrible acceleration.The smaller the peg the more low-end torque you will have, but low top speed. You can get the peg I got on eBay for $3 from China.

Step 3: Peg Mount

Picture of Peg Mount

I used a clutch drum from a weedeater and cut it up to mount on to the back of the flywheel so I could mount the peg

Step 4: Mounts for the Bike

Picture of Mounts for the Bike

I got a 5/8 5in long bolt with some 1 1/2 coupler nuts with two 1/2in U-bolts. together it looks like that. but later used the bike rack mounts on my frame. Also used a turnbuckle to raise and lower the engine off the wheel.

Step 5: Then Your DONE

Start it up and ride it

(Currently not finished that's why there's no picture, I'll post picture and video when complete)


k9troeppl (author)2017-10-06

That's why I making one

Swansong (author)2017-10-06

It would be really fun to have one of these :)

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