Introduction: Friction Fit Wooden Jewellery Box

See YouTube Video for detailed build!

Step 1: Resawing and Creating the Mitre Joints

Picture of Resawing and Creating the Mitre Joints

The First thing to create this box is to cut the pieces of wood into thin strips. I then planed the pieces down using the planner. Using a mitre jig I then cut the mitres on the relevant pieces. I also cut the bottom of the box and glued the sides and bottom together. Using the Bandsaw I cut the top of the box off. I cut some thin strips of the same wood and glued it to the top of the box. After it had dried I then cut some lighter wood to create an inner mitred box. Then I glued them all together. I then cut the inner mitre box in order to allow the top of the box to slide ontop.

Step 2: Sanding and Finishing

Picture of Sanding and Finishing

I sanded the box to 300+ grit and applied multiple coats of Danish oil. I cut some hardboard to fit into the box, this would allow me to mount some foam to it. I cut some foam and using PVA glued them together. I found some felt and attached it to the hardboard. Finally I slotted it into the box and added some sticky feet onto the Jewellery box.

Step 3: Watch the Full Video on Youtube

Picture of Watch the Full Video on Youtube

Thanks for looking at my instructables. Take a look at the full detailed built over on my YouTube channel!

Link to the full build on Youtube -


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