Friction Fit Wooden Jewellery Box


Introduction: Friction Fit Wooden Jewellery Box

See YouTube Video for detailed build!

Step 1: Resawing and Creating the Mitre Joints

The First thing to create this box is to cut the pieces of wood into thin strips. I then planed the pieces down using the planner. Using a mitre jig I then cut the mitres on the relevant pieces. I also cut the bottom of the box and glued the sides and bottom together. Using the Bandsaw I cut the top of the box off. I cut some thin strips of the same wood and glued it to the top of the box. After it had dried I then cut some lighter wood to create an inner mitred box. Then I glued them all together. I then cut the inner mitre box in order to allow the top of the box to slide ontop.

Step 2: Sanding and Finishing

I sanded the box to 300+ grit and applied multiple coats of Danish oil. I cut some hardboard to fit into the box, this would allow me to mount some foam to it. I cut some foam and using PVA glued them together. I found some felt and attached it to the hardboard. Finally I slotted it into the box and added some sticky feet onto the Jewellery box.

Step 3: Watch the Full Video on Youtube

Thanks for looking at my instructables. Take a look at the full detailed built over on my YouTube channel!

Link to the full build on Youtube -



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