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In this instructable, I take a radio controlled car and convert it to a friction powered illuminated car--with ultracapacitor energy storage. You pull the car along the floor and the led on top comes on.  The one farad (not microfarad) capacitor (under $4.00) keeps the light on for half an hour or more.

Step 1:

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Start with a radio controlled car--one where the wheels stay engaged with the motor.  Some of the cheapest cars have a slip arrangement in the gearbox for changing direction.  We need a vehicle which is either tank like (left side on or right side on) or one with geared drive wheels and proportional steering. I've suggested one from Amazon.com that works.
very nice man! good job on this instructable.
mikeasaurus2 years ago
I like this idea, and it's a neat way to give this toy a new life.