The Fridge Magnet Marble Run is a great toy for kids and big kids to stick on the fridge and play with. It was designed in prodesktop, and can be cut out with a laser cutter, using 3mm material. You can use marbles or coins, the coins will run much slower and require steeper incline than marbles, but still fun to set up and play with. A friend suggested I put a box at the bottom that you cant get into for the coins.
Most of photos have notes attached

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need.

  • Download the DXF
  • laser cutter
  • glue
  • hot glue gun
  • cast acrylic sheet or other material that is 3mm thick
  • 10mm diameter X 3mm thick button magnets. can be purchased from ebay
  • cotton buds or small brush.
  • The 2 DXF files have the parts as shown one has 10 rails nested and the other has a one rail and one catcher.
  • A CAD drawing program would be useful if you want to modify parts or print on to paper
<p>You, have cute little helper there!</p>
<p>I am thinking it could be good to make something like this with pipe.<br></p>
Congratulations on being a winner in the digital fabrication contest! This is so awesome there is a teacher at my school who had a set like this, but it costs so much money for so few, they were really excited when I told them about this.
thanks poofrabbit
This came out really well, what an excellent idea. I wonder if I could make a bottle cap run for adults..... Hmmm.
thank you <br>I haven't got any bottle caps to try, they might work, round lollies or M&amp;Ms should work to. I haven't tried liquid to go with the bottle caps...... this could get messy!

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