Taking tetris into the real world and onto the fridge.
This is for the one week fridge magnet challenge.
Took about 1 hour.

Step 1: Get materials

For this project I used: one 1' by 1' square piece of adhesive back magnet sheet
graph paper
old magazines
sharp razor blade

I got the magnet sheet at Princess Auto (Canadian tool store) for 10 bucks. It is 1.5 mm thick and has an adhesive backing on one side.
If you actually play it, and don't just use it for decoration, you could have a border that doesn't have the bottom edge, so when you complete a row you could slide it up.
Looking at the pictures, I feel that plain color would be a lot better. Or maybe something specifically drawn and printed to this project. I feel that random patterns from magazine don't look too good. (just my opinion, though)
Or, what I think would be "easier" than having to cut/glue the magazine to the pieces you made would be to print a design on the back of the graph paper after you trace the pieces. Just thought I'd add that.
I absolutely love Tetris. Best Addicting Game Ever. Nice instructable, too.
Blast! You beat me! Well, mine are slightly different, and I'll post them tomorrow! Good show!

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