Fridge Magnets





Introduction: Fridge Magnets

Easy cute little magnets for your fridge

Step 1: What You Need:

Items needed:
Glue gun or some sort of strong glue
Magnets (you can buy them at wal-mart or any other craft store for really cheap)
Magazines or some sort of small image
Clear glass pebbles (also can be found in craft sections in mesh bags)

Step 2: Image

Next cut out a small image from your magazine. It should be a circular shape about the same size as your clear glass pebble.

Step 3: Glueing

Glue your small image onto the magnet first THEN put a glob of clear glue on top of the image and smash the clear pebble on top of it

Step 4: Your Done

Now attach them to your fridge. They work great and are really strong.



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    Cute and super-duper easy!!

    These Fridge magnets are wonderful.
    I can't wait to make some for myself.

    nice idear a wonderful gift idear for christmas

    This is such a great idea!

    origami paper and fabric circles also make neat magnets.

    Love the idea of gluing them onto the magnet itself first. sooo much less messy.

    You can get round digital collage images from (search "digital collage" and "circle" or "round". They come in 1" circles, but you can resize the whole document to make the circles the size you need.

    I got clear glass pebbles (big ones) and rare earth magnets from Etsy sellers too.

    I used diamond glaze adhesive but any clear craft glue stronger than Elmer's will work. Diamond glaze is particularly nasty about building up on your fingers and costs a lot. Alene's works. Mod Podge works. These are cheap and readily available in lots of sizes.

    The rare earth magnets are very small, about 4mm dia. A little small for gluing your image onto. So I glue the picture on the glass first, seal the back of the image (with glue), then paint black or gold nail polish over it to "finish" it. (If you don't seal it, the nail polish will soak through.)

    After that's all dry, I attach the little magnet with super glue and lay it magnet side up to dry completely. Cyanoacrylate glue will give off vapors for a while, which will stain your surface if you put it on a fridge right after attaching the magnet.

    I had my sheet of pictures printed out at a copy center on their color laser printer. I don't know if mod podge will cause inkjet to run, but I was making a ton of them and didn't feel like doing them twice.

    Something those flimsy peel-and-stick magnets are good for, though: I got a digital collage sheet of "inchies", printed them out, had them laminated at a teacher supply store, cut them apart, and stuck the little magnet on the back. I sent them out as promotion items (stuck it in a little zippy and stapled that to my business card). They might not hold more than a coupon on the fridge, but people do tend to keep fridge magnets and they're perfect for this size.

    every time i look at the title, I keep thinmking it says "Fried Magnets"

    brilliant. Endless gift ideas X3

    Thanks for the project, it was so much fun that I think I'm addicted! I think instead of valentines this year, I'm going to give out magnets. It's really inexpensive and this project has allowed me to save some images that would be just viewed as junk otherwise.. like subway maps from vacations and other souvenir stuff. Thanks again!!

    Picture 010.jpgPicture 014.jpg

    this is awesome.. ur magnets look great