Yes, you can embed an Halbach Array, even into your own Papercraft projects!

And what the heck's an Halbach Array?
Just put a lot of Magnets on a row, each one 90 degrees rotated in relation to the previous one, like this..

Tada! An Halbach Array.
In that picture, almost all of BOTH the magnet's poles strenght is on the bottom side!

Step 1:

So where to get a lot of Magnets, say, for a Papercraft Toy Monorail?

On the Magnetic bands you find on the doors of discarded Refrigerators, that's where!
wow this is really cool, I don't think I've ever heard of a Halbach array before. definitely opens up the possibility for lots of cool projects, do you have anything planned for it?
Well, there's using the Monorail, wll done, with an electro-magnetic travelling head, lots of projects. <br> <br>And doubling the magnet's force, means you can fix a lot of stuff to a lot of stuff. <br> <br>What about Gauss guns?

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