Fried bananas provide great counterpoint in this installment of awesome breakfasts.

Step 1:

Saute onions
it is great<br>
It looks marvelous.<br /> Mmm - yes!<br /> This is how to cook: fast, fresh, easy.<br /> Thanks. Very nice.<br />
Hmm...unique palette of flavours....I'm not so sure about eating this for breakfast, however. Brunch would be more like it.
Could I throw some honey or agave nectar in with the bananas to give them a bit more of a sweetness kick?
Depends on the ripeness of your bananas. Cooking them tends to increase their sweetness as it removes water.
Sure, I was just wondering because the other day I had fried bananas w/ honey at this Thai place. It was the only good thing they gave me.
Oh, and anyone know how much is one of those big stove fryers? I could really use one of those.
just made it with cauliflower instead of broccoli, and tomatoes instead of pepper... and well.. i used what i had, but it was great! thanks for the recipe! it looks and tastes great with some (japanese) perilla, or basil on top!
oh apparantly its also called the beefsteak plant... weird. (this is about perilla)
it's said instruckable and bununa
Where can I get a pre-made lime ginger sauce? I don't have a food processor so I can't make my own seeing as how I can't afford a food processor
grrr. disgusting its looks distract me from typing
The fact that you cant spell proves that it doesnt take much to disract you from your keyboard. Saeft is right, looks delicious. :)
Where was the spelling mistake? OK, "grrr" isn't technically a real word, and there aren't any capitalisations (I'm British, hence -ise, not -ize), but I can't see any spelling mistakes. Maybe you mean the lack of apostrophe? In this case, that is entirely correct, as "its" is an exception to the possession rule in order to differentiate from "it's" (contraction of "it is"). Also, you are missing the apostrophes in "can't" and "doesn't" in your post, as well as the first "t" in "distract". I do go on, but you did talk about spelling. As you say, though, it looks delicious.
You're right actually! Sorry, I think at the time I meant to point out his poor grammar. His spelling is fine. :)
yikes!is it edible?
can u <strong>really</strong> eat this for breakfast??!?! u must be kidding.<br/>
look kinda like the ultimate fry up. not to bad. in my opinion i would not add the green in it. maybe sub them for mushrooms. i mean it would taste good all mixing on the one pan/griddle. i will definatly try it out, but the spin and broc is a bit to much for me.
It looks like whoever cooked this was smokin! Ill stick to mushrooms and some cheese thanks... pad spinich LOL!
That looks amazing. I will definitely try it soon. Thanks.
May I suggest adding Hashbrowns rather than eggs? Nice plates ;-)
That looks delicious
I used bagged spinach.. Didn't turn out too well..
aah so healthy and nutritive ... wonder if those grill and beer ones think bout health instead :P i think i'd like a taste
disging i mean
that looks disgust...fried cat barf anyone?

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