Fried Banana Breakfast





Introduction: Fried Banana Breakfast

Fried bananas provide great counterpoint in this installment of awesome breakfasts.

Step 1:

Saute onions

Step 2:

Add broccolli and sliced red pepper.

Step 3: Cook Eggs

Clear spots in the vegetables and cook eggs.

Step 4: Slice Bananas

Slice a banana and fry the pieces on an edge of the griddle.

Step 5: Remove the Eggs

Flip the eggs, finishing cooking them, and pull them off.

Step 6: Add Tomato

Chop a tomato and add it to the mix.

Step 7: Add Spinach

Add a big handful of spinach and cook briefly until it and the tomotoes lose their water.

Step 8: Season

Season the vegetables. I used a roasted red pepper sauce, but an even better choice (to compliment the bananas) would be a lime ginger sauce.

Step 9: Serve

Once the bananas are slightly blackened, add them to the top and serve.



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    It looks marvelous.
    Mmm - yes!
    This is how to cook: fast, fresh, easy.
    Thanks. Very nice.

    Hmm...unique palette of flavours....I'm not so sure about eating this for breakfast, however. Brunch would be more like it.

    Could I throw some honey or agave nectar in with the bananas to give them a bit more of a sweetness kick?

    Depends on the ripeness of your bananas. Cooking them tends to increase their sweetness as it removes water.

    Sure, I was just wondering because the other day I had fried bananas w/ honey at this Thai place. It was the only good thing they gave me.

    Oh, and anyone know how much is one of those big stove fryers? I could really use one of those.

    just made it with cauliflower instead of broccoli, and tomatoes instead of pepper... and well.. i used what i had, but it was great! thanks for the recipe! it looks and tastes great with some (japanese) perilla, or basil on top!

    oh apparantly its also called the beefsteak plant... weird. (this is about perilla)