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Introduction: Fried Cheese

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You know those little bits of cheese that drip out of a grilled cheese sandwich and get nice and brown and chewy?  As much as I like the melted cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich these chewy tidbits are probably my favorite part so here's what I do

Step 1: You'll Need

This is a really quick snack and only requires a couple of things

  Cheese, Im useing american cheese here but Ive used chedder, velvetta, swiss, provolone and parmesean, pretty much any hard cheese will work

 Bacon grease, butter  or olive oil, I wouldn't recommend cooking oil because your looking for the flavor

 A frying pan

Step 2: Ready Set Fry

Heat the pan and melt a tablespoon of  bacon drippings or whatever you've decided to use. Add the cheese to the pan once it starts to brown around the edge flip it over, this can be tricky since your basically trying to flip a semi-liquid, thats ok, just flip it again or even fold it on itself

Step 3: Enjoy

once the cheese is as brown as you want, remove it to a papertowel or paperplate to drain some. Make more than one... trust me on this.... enjoy



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    So, this looks really good. A little greasy, but good.

    And I'm having a laugh at the people who say American cheese isn't cheese. Yes, it's processed, but by mixing more than one type of cheese together. Like, adding cheddar to cream cheese. How does that "process" make it any less cheese?! #cheesematters lol

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    A mixture of cheddar and cream cheese would be just that - a mixture, not a cheese. Plus, American cheese often contains lots of other ingredients. The 'cheese singles' sold here in Britain (which are essentially the same as American cheese) actually contain butter to give it the smooth uniform melting texture.

    I love fried cheese... but not fried cheese product or fried cheese substitute. If you use shredded cheese (buy the bags of pre-shredded cheddar or american... or buy the blocks and shred it yourself) it costs the same (or sometimes less) per pound, and tastes so much better!

    Also, you shouldn't cover it - the point of frying cheese is twofold; first it pulls the grease and water out of the cheese (and the grease fries up the remaining curds), and second it tastes great! If you cover it, you steam the cheese as well as frying it, and it totally affects the texture (and fat/grease levels) of the final product.

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    I probably wasn't clear, I only cover it for a minute or 2 to help the cheese melt quicker. Im not a big fan of pregrated cheese's, they don't seem to melt the same way although they do work in taco's and such

    The problem with the pre-grated not melting right is one of two things... either you're used to melting cheese product/substitute, and you're not happy with the way real cheese melts... or else you're used to real cheese, and you're buying pre-shredded cheese product/substitute.

    The fake stuff tastes okay in situations where it doesn't need to be melted, but it is completely different in taste, texture, and how it melts when melting it.


    Another comment I meant to include above but forgot (and wasn't going to make another post just for this)... you shouldn't ever need to use butter or grease to fry cheese. It has more than enough natural oils/fats that you pull out of it when melting, to fry itself. Instead of making the cheese slightly healthier by frying, you're making it worse!

    Pre-grated cheese has anti-caking agents added to it to keep the shreds separate.This is usually powdered cellulose (essentially refined sawdust), potato starch, or bentonite (a powdered clay). All of these can affect how the cheese melts.

    nice catch ! I did mentionn in the previous step that I was using bacon grease/drippings but somehow dropped a word in this sentence...

    Yay! These combine two of my favourite things: cheese, and fried stuff

    mmm melted cheese soo bad yet soooo good! cheddar is my favorite to use

    Yes I like this, I find it best to use a low-salt cheese because the flavours are concentrated in the process. (Never "American-cheese" though, because it isn't cheese)


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    american cheese may not be cheese to a cheese afficinado but I like it, velvetta isn't "real" cheese either but it melts soooooooo good

     thank you for commenting

    Melting, is just part of the process, You want the crisped-cheese proteins, if you use processed-cheese-flavoured-dairy-stoff the results are not quite the same.


    could taste better though..?


    Nomnomnom! I Purposely add too much cheese to my sandwhiches so it leaks out and gets yummy. This is SOOOO good!

     I love fried cheese. Red rind chedder is best.

    Yumm! I love fried cheese!

     If you make these with pure cheddar cheese (not crap american slices), and add a little spice, they are quite good!

    I saw bobby flay make a "cheese crisp" essentially the same way on Iron Chef America.