Here's an easy way to make breakfast eggs more fun!

These fried egg moulds are made from 0.5mm mirror polished stainless steel. At less than £1 each to make I think they were pretty cheap. They were also a lot of fun to make and the possibilities for designs are almost endless.

I made a star, a heart and a Land Rover Defender (vrrrrrrrrrrrm!). You could also make some eggciting ninja eggs, or even android or instructables robot eggs! All using the same method documented below.

A note on spelling: I'm British, so I apologise, you will have to put up with our penchant for adding a U to the middle of as many words as we can. You might know these better as molds.

Step 1: Tools, Materials, Ingredients & Equipment

Tools: (selection of)
  • steel ruler
  • clamps
  • tin snips
  • whiteboard pens
  • hammer

  • strips of 0.5mm stainless steel, 500mm long

  • eggs!
  • bread for toasting

  • frying spatula
  • frying pan (not your best one)
  • tongs
  • egg moulds!
Totally Eggciting! I can see making cookie/fudge/cake/rice-treat/pet-treat cutters using the same method. Eggceptional instructable and eggxactly what I was looking for earlier for cookie cutters. Eggxact and eggxtra sturdy construction for any egghead willing to go the distance for eggstravagant eggs and stainless steel shapes!<br><br>Thank you for egging-on the creative yolk in my head with your instructable. I am egglow with egg-loads of ideas.<br><br>And now my puns and post are done... but truly, thank you for sharing and hope my eggregious use of puns hasn't left you white in the face and crawling into your shell.
oh these look great i have seen this done with bread, where you cut a shape out of the bread and cook the egg in that shape.
Ha! That's a good idea, these would make interesting shapes for that too. Eggs in a basket I think they're called.
Egg in a hole, Birdy in a Basket, Breakfast!
This is awesome! I wish someone would make me shaped cooked eggs. :D
I did this a few weeks ago with a Moose cookie cutter, the problem I experience with regular cookie cutters is that they do sit flat, they are warped a tad.<br><br>Very impressive on making your own shapes.
One word: pancakes !!!
What shape do you want them? :)
Definitely the stars you already have, but then larger..<br>BTW could you make a face or glasses in such a way that two egg yolks would be the eyes?
Yup, I thought about doing that, but less innocent in nature.
I understand! You probably have made it already, but then decided that you can't publish it here on Instructables! ;-)
This looks sooo cool! Thank for sharing :)
green bacon... mmm...
I know these as awesome homemade cookie cutters XD<br>Nice 'ible
Thanks :)

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