This is a ‘no sew’ project for the sewing room ;-)

The things you'll need are:
Sculpey clay (or similar)
Baking parchment
Rolling pin
Baking sheet
White Paint
Sculpey glaze
Yellow felt
Pillow stuffing
Glue gun/clear glue

Step 1:

We start with a palm sized lump of sculpey clay.

Manipulate the clay into a ball, then place onto the parchment paper, on a flat surface, and start to roll out.  As we are aiming for an irregular shape, and because we’re going to add some texture, don’t worry too much about the clay being even. 

When you have the clay to the size you want use the rolling pin to make it thinner along the outside edge.  This process should create a ‘wobbly edge’ which will add to the fried egg effect we’re going for.  If you find that your egg is looking too even, shape it with your fingers.

Pre heat the oven - mine was on 220…
<p>Creative!! I like thiss. I could give this as a gift for my mom.</p>
This is so cute! Your instructible was so clear and easy to follow. Great job
<p>genius! This idea is too good. I absoulutely love it!</p>
<p>Omg, this is so cute!</p>

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