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Introduction: Fried Ice Cream

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The most simple dessert you can imagine.. A combination of hot and cold.. Deliciose!!

Step 1: Supply

1. Bread
2. Ice cream of your choice - i'm using chocolate ice cream
3. Mold - i'm using sunny side up egg mold or any mold you have

Step 2: Preparation

Put the ice cream in the middle of the 2 slices of the bread.

Using the mold of your choice, press thru the bread and make sure the edge are tight.
This is to avoid the ice cream leaking when we fry later.

Put in the plastic bag and keep in the freezer for overnight.

Meaning that, you have to prepare 1 day earlier for your event.

Repeat the same process to make more. 1 is not enough i tell you.. ;)

Step 3: Fry

Fry when you want to eat them.

Heat the oil. Make sure the oil is piping hot.
Fry only for 8 seconds on each side.

Don't fry more than that. Makesure you get ready with all your frying tool and serving before you start frying.

Eat immediate once cook.

Step 4: Enjoy!!

Serve it.. You can hear the crunchyness of the bread when you cut it.. As well as when you bite it.. Crunchy, hot and and cold at the same time.. Enjoy it with your love one.. Simple.. Low cost.. But priceless!! Yumm...



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Hi goldenskyhook, agree with you if don't get the correct temperatur of frying oil it will be greasy if it not hot enough and burn if it too hot as we need very quick frying here. But sorry, i dont have the termometer to get it for you. Anyone here can help?

I'm glad you like the recipe. Yes.. You can add on anything you like for the flavour of your ice cream or the bread.. The idea here is how you can fried them. Good luck and let me know how it taste. ;)

This is a new way to make fried ice cream from what I learned when I was a kid and heard of it the first time. I believe I will try this recipe to see how it comes out, but before I fry the I will butter both sides and dip it into a cinnamon and sugar mixture. Now that will make for a delightful treat.

Wow! It is really nice! I like it!

i like very much and thanking you.

What kind of oil did you use? I'd imagine that olive oil would taste pretty nasty.

Use Canola, it has all the good things of Olive Oil but is virtually tasteless

This brings back memories.... some kids in my college dorm burnt down the kitchen when making these... Fire started while they were going around knocking on doors to gather a crowd. Whatever you do, don't leave the hot oil unattended!