Introduction: Fried PeanutButter Bacon Sandwich!

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Get ready for your mouth to go "Yeeeeeeeee!"

Ok, so it kinda looks like cheese... But that is warm gooey Peanut Butter my friends. Oh my :)

Step 1: The Ingredients

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Your Favorite super delicious Bread (I chose a sesame bread. It is sooooo good! plus it was on sale :)

Peanut Butter of your choice (Also almond butter would be amazing!!!!)

A few nice slices of some awesome Cooked Bacon!!!!

Step 2: Assemble!

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Build that Beautiful sandwich :)

and Prep that frying pan! Get a nice slather of butter heating up.
Oh yeah baby!

Step 3: Fry and Enjoy!

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'nough said.

Oh just look at that PB goo-ing out all over!


Deadpunk (author)2013-06-10

Some where around 13 to 15 I learned the glory of making my pb&j's this way.

JennyMartin84 (author)2013-03-25

Don't knock it til you try it!
Bacon and PB go great together! Actually, in the mid 1960's Skippy released a jar of Bacon Peanut Butter! I wish that was still around.

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