These fried pi pies are the perfect way to ring in Pi Day, whether your oven is on the fritz (like mine) or you just want a little deep fried action. 

Step 1: The Stuff

You need:
Unbaked Pie crusts -- these can be refrigerated ready-to-use type or homemade
Pie filling -- a relatively smooth filling is best because you need to pipe it.  I made a classic chocolate filing but you can make one out of fruit (perhaps minced) if you'd like.
Deep fryer OR a medium, heavy saucepan AND oil suitable for frying
Pi template
Kitchen scissors or pastry roller

Sounds GREAT:)
Looks scrumptious! I should make these for a snack!
That looks more like a savory Pi pie. If it were lightly salted, it would be a Pi puff.<br />
for a minute there i though you were using like a blended meat filling, had to re read and see it was chocolate<br />
You could do meat pies this way too but, yeah, it's got to be pretty finely ground if you are piping it.<br />
Wow, great work in getting such a nicely-formed and browned pi(e).<br /> <br /> L<br />

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