Picture of Fried Pi Pies
These fried pi pies are the perfect way to ring in Pi Day, whether your oven is on the fritz (like mine) or you just want a little deep fried action. 

Step 1: The Stuff

Picture of The Stuff
You need:
Unbaked Pie crusts -- these can be refrigerated ready-to-use type or homemade
Pie filling -- a relatively smooth filling is best because you need to pipe it.  I made a classic chocolate filing but you can make one out of fruit (perhaps minced) if you'd like.
Deep fryer OR a medium, heavy saucepan AND oil suitable for frying
Pi template
Kitchen scissors or pastry roller

Sounds GREAT:)
Looks scrumptious! I should make these for a snack!
That looks more like a savory Pi pie. If it were lightly salted, it would be a Pi puff.
craig35 years ago
for a minute there i though you were using like a blended meat filling, had to re read and see it was chocolate
starshipminivan (author)  craig35 years ago
You could do meat pies this way too but, yeah, it's got to be pretty finely ground if you are piping it.
lemonie5 years ago
Wow, great work in getting such a nicely-formed and browned pi(e).