When I first heard about fried pickles I thought they would be gross. Boy was I wrong! Oh yeah don't forget the ranch

Step 1: Ingredients

Hamburger cut Dill Pickles - any kind will do those are just my favorite.
1 egg
(optional) House Autry breader - it doesnt have to be the seafood breader so try whatever.
vegetable or peanut oil

Herbs and Spices - These are some of  the ingredients my dad uses when he fries food and his food always turns out great.
Salt and Black Pepper
Onion Powder - You could use onion salt but if you do I'd recommend not using salt
Garlic Powder
Cayenne Red Pepper
(Optional) Red pepper flakes or mustard powder if you want spicy pickles

Fried pickles might be my favorite food. :D Yours sound awesome! <br /> <br />And is that a Crown Royal salt shaker?
It is

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