Picture of Fried bananas - recipe
A few weeks ago I post some photos of fried bananas. Many people asked me for the recipe so here it is. Hope you like it :)

Step 1: Products

Picture of Products
Here's what you need:
  • 2 bananas
  • 1 egg
  • 100-150 gr flour
  • 2 table spoons sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • pinch of baking soda
  • oil for frying
Usually I use these products to fry 4 bananas, but this depends on the amount of  the mixture for frying.
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CharleyT12 months ago
I'm in the process of making them for the third time with this recipe right now! My only problem my batter turns out really thick so I usually have to add some water, but other than that, amazing!!!
pinkcici4 months ago

love it

pinkcici4 months ago


pinkcici4 months ago

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These were great! Thank you. I made them as I wrote about all the secrets bananas hold. Read on …


They turned out very amazing and delicious!

yummie pisang goreng delicious allways available at any pasar malam, really good together with a drink called Tjendol
Looks interessting xD
Hav you got a recipe for that? I couln't find any (in German or English) online :O

Cool! Thanks a lot!

Buenos Días, tendrá alguien la receta de gorditas de nata que se venden en México, Gracias.

shazni2 years ago
We call it pillows and we do it a bit different...served with treacle it's heavenly!
chillpilly3 years ago
I like to add a pinch of nutmeg to the mix. When they are all done frying, I also like to slit open the tops of the little fritters, and fill them up with whip cream!
fga1004 years ago
Bananas must be ripe or green?
Here, in Colombia, we have a typical recipe called "Patacón", it's made out of green bananas or "platanos". Peel and cut the green banana in cilynders (about 5 or 6 per unit), next deep-fry them until their external layer is hard, next take it out from the oil and smash it to make it disk-shaped, next fry them again, and serve with salt
those are plantains though...not bananas, (yes they are bananas but a different species all together.) and we eat patacones in the dominican republic too with all sorts of stuff but we call them fritos verdes""
slu6alka (author)  fga1004 years ago
I've never tried with green bananas, but if you like you could try and tell us the result :)
happynugget4 years ago
That reminds me of the "Platano Macho" (literally macho banana), in South America and some places of México we fry slices of this kind of banana and eat it alone, with food, condensed milk or acid cream and cheese, it´s just delicious!
And we also made "tortitas de platano" little banana pancakes when the macho bananas are too ripe for frying, with smashing bananas, eggs, flour, a little bit of bake powder and a bit of sugar, then we form small and thick oval pancakes and cook them on a pan : D
can you post a picture of the "macho bananas?" i'm kind of curious about what bananas you're talking about, plus it sounds yummy ^.^
reptedjess4 years ago
Sweet! We need to figure out how to get some chocolate or peanut butter into those things!
to put the peanut butter or chocolate inside it just scoop out a little of the banana put the peanut butter/ chocolate or anyhting else freeze it then batter and deep fry. (it might take just a bit longer tho, but bananas heat up fairly quickly so it should be fine)
Melt some chocolate and dip the slices of banana in the melted choc mix.
- In the melted chocolate you would be able to add peanut butter or hunny or anything else that tickles your fancy

When the chocolate hardens then dip in the batter and fry

I would imagine that you could use the same process for grapes, strawberries, pineapple, apple, orange, etc, etc
Great idea. I am going to try it tomorrow. Thanks for the thought
this is good but i like using pancake batter idk to me it just comes out fluffier
I added some melted chocolate with some cream on top. Even more delicious!
Thank you for this (easy) recipe (there are not all in the picture, just in case you wonder about the number).
ac1D4 years ago
Anyone have any baking soda alternative for me? Thanks!
what sort of oil could you use for frying? i want to try this but i've never fried anything before...we have canola oil and vegetable oil, would either of those work?
slu6alka (author)  chihuahualover1124 years ago
In my country we only have olive oil and vegetable oil. For almost everything I use vegetable oil and for fried bananas too:)
great, thanks! :D
sdavid44 years ago
We also have another spicy version of this. Instead of sugar, add little chilly powder according to ur taste and a pinch of asafoetida. Tastes great.
sdavid44 years ago
My daughter loves this banana fritters. I add a little cardamon powdered with sugar in the mixture.
These look good. I am going out for fresh oil tomorrow and we will be frying bananas. Can't wait.
We call them "Bananen im Schlafrock". You may translate it to "banana in the dressing gown" :-)
I made them a minute ago, and they are rlly tasty :)
Thank you for the recipe it reminded me of my mother who used to make these for us 50 years ago and used to call them 'banana fritters'. With the exception (I think) that she used the somewhat overripe bananas and kneaded them into the flour to make the batter. I always wanted to go back to the process and never could because I did not pay attention to it then. Thank you for the very nice instructable.
We call them banana fritters too. Some people just batter the slices like the author and others beat it into the batter. The other way is to cut the banana in half lengthwise then dip them into the batter. Battered pineapple rings are called pineapple fritters here.
akinich4 years ago
hey nice ible

can u make a recipe which has no egg in it please???


You can probably just omit the egg.
but can u try it please???
Why can't you try it?
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