On Sunday I went to the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco and found so many great crafts including a lot of trendy fashion forward accessories.  However, the prices didn't really fit into my budget.  My goal is to recreate the items I liked for 1/3 or less the price.

Here is the fringe-necktie.  It is easy to make and you can find most of the materials in your house.

inspired by lilian asterfield by nicole deponte

Step 1: Materials

The fringe-necklace was $38 at the craft fair and I'm pretty sure it was on sale. I paid approx. $12, but if I didn't have to pay for the tie it could easily have been under $10.

Necktie: $6 found at a second hand shop, or you can steal a necktie from your boyfriend!
Fringe (1 1/2 yards): approx. $5, ($3.5/yrd) found at any fabric or sewing shop. You can also buy some easily online.
Buttons: take buttons off of your old clothing. I happened to find these in my moms sewing box. They weren't on the original neckties but I added them for flare, I think they look cool!
Needle and Thread - already had

the necktie is cute, but, the picture's quality ruined it :P
Do you add a double twist in the loop when sewing the two ends together so that the neck tie will hang straight when doubled up, or do you just sew it in a straight loop?
Can I borrow this?!?!? LOVE IT!
It's amazing, I need to make one of these!
zomg. love it.

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