Fringe Patchwork Boho Bag





Introduction: Fringe Patchwork Boho Bag

Accessories can make or break an outfit,it's well known fact ;-) and handbag can provide that very special finishing touch to whatever we're wearing.

Haplily bags are much simpler to make than many might think. You probably already ( you're part of big instructables team !) have most of the equipment in your home. I chose boho style for my bag as I love everything connected with coachella.

Step 1: Materials and Equipment

You need:

  1. sewing machine
  2. threads
  3. zipper
  4. fabrics
  5. pins or clips, always use sharp, stainless still pins
  6. scissors
  7. yarn but it's optional

Use offcuts of fabrics from clothes or soft furnishing projects.

I used my old trousers, skirt and shirt for this bag as they had beautiful colors perfect for boho bag.

Step 2: Tip

A steam iron should be used throughout the processof making your bag, not only at the final stages.

Always iron or press fabrics first beforecutting out the pattern. The base of the iron should be kept clean and the ironing board fitted with a padded cover that should be cleaned or change regularly.

Step 3: Ready Bag

perfect boho style bag <3



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