My brother and I were at Williams College waiting for our sister's soccer clinic to end. We were on our way up to Maine for vacation and we had our cameras with us. We found some soccer nets, and we also found a frisbee on the ground.

We invented frisbee shootout.

Step 1: Number of Players

The minimum number of players that you need is two. My directions are for two people, and if you want to add more people; that is up to you to improvise.

Improvisation is the essence of inventing a sport.
<p>hi Brennn10 I really like ur sport canwe be friends</p>
Nice story but if it was you and youre brother waiting then who is the one with the camera??
My father!
Whoa! Spontaneously began playing a similar game with my friend yesterday, Googled it today, and lo and behold! Someone wrote an instructable on it last year!<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2008/05/12/080512fa_fact_gladwell">Simultaneous invention</a> strikes again!<br/>
cool im gonna try it today!!
u should put another sport,but this ones cool
That is a really cool idea, I am going to try that!
sounds fun to try it in a penalty shootout format, but ive played full on frisbee soccer, its like ultimate frisbee but you shoot at soccer nets to score, its fun but it can suck to be goalie when people are really winging it at you, this sounds fun tho for sure
I used to play a game like this with the tae kwon do club- but to score a point the frisbee had to be at head height, and the goalie could only defend using the soles of your feet. Good training :) This reminds me of golden boot and golden glove, as well.
awesome, my friends and i play ultimate often, and this looks like a fun twist to the game, i never thought of introducing nets to ultimate or frisbee. thanks.
Cross this with <strong>Star Wars Kid</strong>, and you've got the game my brother and I used to play. We would throw a frisbee at the other's goal (but about 1/3 size of a soccer goal) and the defender could only bat it down with a thin tent pole about 5' long.<br/>It was awesome.<br/>
I like this a lot. It's like Ultimate Frisbee for soccer.
Nice 'Ible. This sport looks really fun! 5/5 stars.
Cool, great idea :D<br/>I like playing Frisbee but mine always end up stuck in trees :P<br/>5* and vote in contest :P<br/>
i'm gonna go play, even though its like dark out nice instructable!!!! 5/5 stars!!!!!!!!
This would be fun with a Frisbee with leds and a neon yellow net at night.
That sounds a bit like Disk in the dark mate. see grand theft auto.
You're twins and one is lefty, one is righty, weird!
Oh - and neat instructable. On the frizbee brand packaging, theres a similar variant that helps develop strength (distance) and accuracy. Two players stand in 3 square meter boxes, 13 meters apart.(closest boundaries are 13 meters). Players throw back and forth, as HARD as possible at each other trying to make the other person drop. If a throw is within the opponent's box is worth 2 points if uncaught, and no points if caught. The throw must not be above the catcher's reasonable jumping catch height, and must at least reach the opponent's box - use discretion. If it is thrown outside the defender's boundary, the thrower loses a point. If the defender catches the throw inside the box it is worth 2 points for the catcher. Outside the box is worth 3 points for the defender, because its more difficult to get the catch. It's highly advisable to play this game in a gymnasium, as you will be losing a lot of frisbees in the distance.
Wow, you have very good observations! We are mirror image twins. If my brother loses a tooth on one side, I lose it on the other side. My left eye is my bad eye, and my brother's right eye is his worse eye. It is weird.

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