Picture of Frog Baseball Hat
This year was leap year, so frog crafts were all the rage. But it doesn't have to be leap year to make a fun froggy hat with your kids. A great project for little boys too! 

The supplies you will need for this project are:

green baseball hat
acrylic paint: black, white, spring green, foliage green
textile medium
round stencil sponges
black Sharpie marker
3″x1″ piece of red felt
instant grab glue

The textile medium will turn your acrylic paint into fabric paint. So if you ever need to wash your hat, you can. However, keep in mind that the tongue probably won’t survive and you may need to create a new one should the need arise to launder it. To mix, use one part texile medium and 2 parts paint.
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Step 1: Make the eyes

Picture of make the eyes
Dip large round applicator in foliage green paint and gently scrape off excess. Press applicator onto hat above the bill, gently turn the applicator in a circular motion to make the circle larger. Do this on both sides for the eyes.

Step 2: Add more color

Picture of add more color
While the green eyes are drying, dip large round applicator into spring green paint. Leave some excess paint on this time, then turn and drag the applicator across the hat in random places.

Use large round applicator dipped in white paint and dot two eyes onto the foliage green circles. When the white is dry, use a smaller round applicator dipped in black paint to dot on two pupils.

Use a black Sharpie marker to draw exaggerated eyebrows to look like a frog’s bulging eyes.

Step 3: Don't forget the nose

Picture of don't forget the nose
Dip toothpick in black paint and add the nostrils to the bill.

Step 4: Make the tongue

Picture of make the tongue
Cut a forked tongue from red felt and glue to the underside of the bill.

Step 5: Making friends

Picture of making friends
Don’t they make a cute couple? You can get the instructions for the Ladybug Baseball Hat here.

Step 6: Wear it!

Picture of wear it!
How cute :) 

Step 7: Thanks!

Picture of thanks!
Thanks so much for looking! I hope you enjoyed this project. You can find plenty more of my projects on my craft blog Crafts by Amanda. Hope to see you there!
bajablue3 years ago
Too cute!

Don't forget to enter this Instructable into the 2012 Halloween contest!
Amanda Formaro (author) 3 years ago
So I've heard! haha
It looks like snake.
21GeeOff213 years ago
Kind of looks more like a snake imo, but it's still pretty neat nonetheless.
Amanda Formaro (author)  21GeeOff213 years ago
or a lizard. :) Been told that too!