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Introduction: Frog Eggs Drink

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Want to scare the kids a lil? Serve them this drink!

Step 1: Ingredients and Method

To make this frog eggs drink, all you need is

Basil seeds (available at Asian stores, health food stores, online)

Melon syrup or apple syrup or any other syrup you prefer, but green colored syrup would be best

Ice water

Soak basil seeds in regular water until blooming

Spoon bloomed seeds into serving cups and pour enough syrup and ice water, stir and enjoy~

(I hope the video works!)

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    18 Discussions

    So simple yet challenging

    Definitely would trick me into thinking those were frog eggs

    1 reply

    Very creative! I'll have to try this with my chia seeds. They really do look like the frog eggs i'd see in ponds as a kid.

    1 reply

    yes, they do indeed :)

    share me the pic when you try with chia seeds!

    But I wanna try this next I just hope it comes out right

    1 reply

    That looks neat I recently dos the tapioca pearls for my nieces and nephews and they liked it.

    Good idea - but I think I'll hold off until my daughter is a bit older, though. (She'll be a week short of 2 on Halloween this year.)... I'll click favorite and hopefully remember next year.

    I'd imagine passionfruit seeds would work too - they already look like yellowish-greenish alien eggs anyway - though the fruit tends to be kind of expensive... especially in autumn.

    1 reply

    chia works too, yes but flax seeds not so much since they have a distinctive flavor IMO

    1. Is it actually edible?

    2. This is the most disgusting looking thing I've ever seen in a glass.

    3. Good Job!

    1 reply

    Oh yes!! Definitely :) The basil seeds is used for making delicious drinks and desserts in Asian countries. And yes hahahah the first time I ever served this for our annual Halloween party, kids thought they were real so they didn't wanna try it until they saw their mums and dads tried it :) It is not so scary anymore to these kids (as I always invite the same kiddies so they already know about this "frog eggs") hahaha.

    Once bloomed, they are tender, a tad chewy (just a tad) and a tad crunchy (the black parts. It's almost like kiwi seeds in jelly.