Frog Strumming Bass


Introduction: Frog Strumming Bass

About: I recently retired and I find I have so much time on my hands. I love DIY !! I love re purposing old unwanted items and making them functional and beautiful. I am currently remodeling my home.

My frogs look need of makeover

Step 1: Frog Makeover

Step 2: Making the Sign

Step 3: Finishing Up

I gathered the blue plastic tarp I had purchased at Walmart...$3....I racked away the small stones, and cut a pond like shape with the tarp, kinda. I added some gems to the pond...I added some fans to watch the frogs strumming the bass. A frog king, a turtle and a frog prince all gathered around to watch.



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    That's some cool looking frogs you got there.. I love how you made the glass crackle that way. I wonder it the same thing will happen if I use pieces of broken glass bottles for a concrete counter I'm planing on making. I'll guess I'll have to try it to find out. Thanks for posting Kelley

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    Thank you so much PitStop! I would try a small piece first. I think it would have to be a thick piece. Marbles were done this way when I was a kid.

    This is so cute! I never would have thought to alter marbles like that. Thanks!

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    Thank you! It makes them sparkle more to do this process. You can do with marbles also with the same effect!