Picture of Toxic Banana Waste (A very gross Halloween Dessert)
This is a gross invention i made based of one of my sisters recepies, it look's gross, it feels gross, it smells gross, but its delicios.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
You'll need:
Frying Pan
Corn Syrup
Green food coloring
Vanilla Exctract

Step 2: Prepareing the Bananas

Picture of Prepareing the Bananas
1. Slice the bananas.
2. Heat up the frying pan(Just about any tempeture),put butter in the frying pan.
3. Put the sliced Bananas and Vanilla Extract in.
4. Wait a while and put in the Corn Syrup.

Step 3: Turn them to Waste

Picture of Turn them to Waste
1. Place in blender with the green food coloring.
2. Blend.
3. Serve Hot.
Screamo4 years ago
Haha cool.
knex gun builder freak (author)  Screamo4 years ago
Why can't I just chew on some bananas and spit it out and tell the kids on Halloween it's toxic?
Because you wont get the same sweet flavor
Add honey?
And then cook it, add food coloring , vanilla extract and viola, you have Toxic Banana Waste
Honey and bananas is enough.
Sherlock694 years ago
This looks interesting but it's not helpful. You didn't add any amounts or cooking time. More details please
Whaleman5 years ago
Everything karossii said and add more blood. Frogs bleed, therefore drink would be more red than green. Only their skin is green, inside is normal gut colored.
K, the name wasent good anyhow.
karossii5 years ago
Good idea, long way to go to make it a good instructable.

Check your spelling... everywhere.

Step One calls for Corn Syrup, but it is used nowhere. Step Two uses Honey which isn't in the list of supplies (assuming these two got interchanged?)...

Step Three needs text.

Adding comments to pictures would be beneficial.

There, all fixed.