Froggy World, the amusement park for adventurous plastic frogs, has a new ride!  After being flung from a catapult


Froggy must now ride the belt past the boot.  Will he succeed?

Is Froggy ready for the next adventure?

Step 1:

To build a conveyor belt requires a few parts; motor, bearings and belt.

Polybelt.com  for a 40 inch long by 2 inch wide belt
vxb.com  for bearings
sciplus.com  for a motor (I used #40588, a gear motor intended to move automobile seats)

Files for the 3d printed parts are available at:


Start by making a "roller," 2 inches wide with a 2 inch diameter.  I used a 1/4 inch diameter wood rod for the axle.

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