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This is it--Froggy World (the amusement park for adventurous plastic frogs) is up and running.  We have been accepted in the 2013 San Mateo Maker Faire and you can see us live there!

The frog gets thrown from the catapult, booted down the belt, seesawed into the train, ridden around the park, slammed to a stop, then gripped and returned to the catapult.

I've been making adjustments and adding pieces to improve operation--and this instructable will explain those things.

To see all the component projects:

Step 1:

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The train (Froggy World 4) needed an additional stop arm and stop sensor (and software) to stop for the bird pickup.

Here's the code:

#include <Servo.h>


Servo gate;

Servo bird;

int start=10;

int next=7;

int dummy=0;

int train=5;

int arrival=1;

int val=0;

int val2=0;

int birdin=9;

int birdout=8;

int birdmagnet=4;

int val3=5;


void setup()

{gate.attach (3);

bird.attach (2);

pinMode (next, OUTPUT);

pinMode (start, INPUT);

pinMode(arrival, INPUT);

pinMode (train, OUTPUT);

pinMode(birdin, INPUT);

pinMode(birdout, OUTPUT);

pinMode(birdmagnet, INPUT);

digitalWrite (next, HIGH);

digitalWrite (train, LOW);

digitalWrite (birdout, HIGH);






void loop()



if(val==LOW or dummy==1)





  delay (500);









{delay(1025);//delay from magnet to bird gate

  digitalWrite (train, LOW);







digitalWrite (birdout, LOW);//start bird pickup

delay (500);

digitalWrite (birdout, HIGH);}




if(val3==LOW or dummy==5)//signal that bird is done














//{delay(100);//delay from magnet to main gate

  {digitalWrite (train, LOW);





digitalWrite (next, LOW);

delay (500);

digitalWrite (next, HIGH);



Step 2:

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I had to add a backstop and block to control where the frog lands when he leaves the seesaw.  I also added a couple of "wings" (3d printing raft) to the end of the seesaw to keep the frog from escaping.

3D design and print files are available at:

Step 3:

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I added a bar at the bottom of the stop gate to reduce the chance of the engine "jumping" and derailing.

Step 4:

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I changed the coupling between the small train engine and first car to reduce jumping problems on the train seesaw.

Step 5:

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My wife felt that it would not be right to get into an amusement park without waiting for tickets!

Step 6:

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The base evolved from plywood--to blue--to ocean color--to its current "swamp theme."

Step 7:

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Overall, this has involved 3D printing, Arduino, electronics, design, oven-baked clay and art. 

Thanks for stopping by Froggy World :)


Build_it_Bob (author)2013-04-06

Bravo ! Bravo ! Amazing project follow through ! This was a great learning experience for the reader I know that you also gained a wealth of knowledge so many ways.
Please keep contributing these instructables ...they are helping so many people develop their creative side...myself included!
Thank you again and good luck !

Thanks for the encouragement! I have learned a great deal . . . . I can actually design simple parts in 3D software now; my programming skills are improving and documenting projects takes less time. Surprisingly, the more I do, the more ideas I have. When I get an idea with commercial relevance, I'll consider trying "Kickstarter."

How's your stuff going? I'm watching for something great from your camp :)

I am working on several projects ( mainly LED lighting ) , but my plan is to put them together and run them real world 1st. I can always find tweaks to make them look or work better.
When i am ready to publish anything I will contact you for some direction.Please make sure that you let me know about anything you are going to pursue with kickstarter . I would be honored to be part of it with you.
Many Thanks to you,

LED projects are always interesting--I'm looking forward to seeing what you've done :)

I have been taking more pictures and organizing project folders . I tend to document things well, but i usually translate hand drawn into Fritzing or other sketches after buttoning a project up. Keeping an "As Done " folder has helped a lot as well.
I will send you a preview to get your opinion if that is ok with you ?

Sounds like you are really together--I'd be honored to look at a preview :)

Dream Dragon (author)2013-04-06

Wow, so much going on! Well done.

Thanks! We wanted it to be something that would take a little time to look at and process.

Antzy Carmasaic (author)2013-04-06

Finally everything joins up to make an awesome project full of vibrant colors and energy!

It's been a lot of fun . . . I wondered at times how I would get the project to come around full circle . .

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