Hello guys. My name is Thomas Truong (also known a Hacaosuka_Designs on social media) and im a papermodelist. About a few months ago I was asked by someone to make a paper version of their car. Now seeing this car I was blown away about how great it looked and I couldnt refuse to make it. This client was all the way from America and during the build, I also had to find a way to send it without it being crushed or damaged.

Step 1: Find Images for Reference

Recreating the car was quite difficult since there weren't any blueprints on the internet avaliable. Luckilly I was able to talk to the owner and ask for him for some image of the car. Many images from Front, Side, Back and close up of smaller details that the owner wanted included on the papemodel.

<p>Great Instructable!! I would love to get into papermodels, and this is a great resource for beginners.I wanted to ask, would it be possible to request a simple papercraft model from you? I don't have the resources to download these programs but i would appreciate it a lot if you could share a model plan with me? Either way, I enjoyed this Instructable and it got my vote, even though i entered the contest!!</p>
<p style="margin-left: 20.0px;">oooo .simple. I could but I like making detailed models. nothing too plain or low detailed. haha Email me Nostalgichakosuka@gmail.com I can send you something though C;</p>
<p>what a chance that you uplaud this model plans here?</p>
Not very high since this was a commisioned model and a 1:1 project
<p>That looks neat! My nephew loves cars, I bet he'd like to make some of these.</p>
<p>Thank you!!! Hooefully you have shown him this instructable and it has inspired him enough to try this one day! C:</p>

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