Taking pictures of people and places during street dancing festivals can be very colorful and fun.

We all get very excited clicking here and there, imagining how wonderful the costumes would come out in our pictures, how proud we would be of our prints, how exotic the dancers would look.

All the excitement and hopes soon fade away as soon as we get the prints- unfortunately. This is because we tend to get so caught up in the moment that
in most cases, all we have are snapshots.

So how do you make your snaphots into a great photo?

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Visual Playground

Step 1: File Downloads and Photoshop Shortcut Keys.

Before anything else;

Some of the tools that I have used in this tutorial:

ScreenPrint32 - I used it for screen printing. You can download free for unlimited use on their website.

Rule of Thirds - An action script from PanosFX. Download file and unzip to a folder and rename it as Photoshop Action Script so you can locate it easily for later use. (Check my tutorial on the "Rule of Third" here using this script.

Photoshop shortcut keys:

Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E - Merge visible layers into a separate layer and place it on top of the layer pallete.
[]- Reduce or Maximize brush diameter.
Spacebar - Panning.
B - Brush
Ctrl+Shift+I - Inverse selection.
X - Foreground and background color toggle.
Is there any way you can remove Cargo Shorts Guy entirely? Or maybe recolor the shorts so they fade into the background? It looks like her hands are cupping his shorts, even after you've finished editing. My eye went from her face to her hands, then to the shorts.

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