Find a great fitting vintage pencil skirt at a thrift store, but it's just BLAH ?? Use it to make a sexy and stylish, new wardrobe ! This instructable will show you how to copy your favorite pencil skirt without a paper pattern, using your already owned skirt...this instructable could really be used to copy any similar styled skirt !!   

Step 1: Know Your Fronts and Backs

Turn your skirt inside out.  This skirt has 4 panels (two front and two back).  
Oooohhh....what a sweet surprise for your wife !!!! <br> <br>Yes, I made this without taking apart the original (mostly because I still wear the original..lol). But you could totally deconstruct your pattern piece and use it to make a more accurate pattern !! Just don't forget to add your seam allowances (regardless of which way you make the pattern). If your sewing skills aren't great, I might suggest you get someone to help you with the zipper insert ( probably the most difficult part of the skirt ). Good luck and great thinking !!
Thanks. Funny you should mention getting help with the zipper...I've had some bad experiences in the past and had already planned for help. Good to know that it wasn't hard just for me.
Great instructable. Is that thrift store skirt linen? If it still seems blah to you, what about some colorful modern doodle embroidery on part of it? (see a google image search if you're not sure what I mean by doodle embroidery) <br> <br>I'll bet that would look adorable.
I have always loved the look of pencil skirts. I see that your method allows the original garment to remain whole and useable, but could you get a more accurate pattern by taking the skirt apart at each seam? I'm thinking of doing this as a surprise for my wife with a skirt she loves that got stained. I'm not great with sewing, but passable, so more accuracy in the pattern would be a big benefit to me.
Oh, it turned out so adorable! Love the bow. <br /> <br />I've been planning to do this with some of my favorite clothes that have gotten worn out.

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