Step 9: Moisture cont.

This isnt really a step, it's more like advice.
Before your bowl is sanded completely and finished, you should make sure it is pretty much devoid of moisture. We wanted a lot before, now as we finish the bowl we want none.
If your bowl is still sopping wet, you can pack it in a bucket or (paper) bag in its own shavings. It's hard to tell when the bowl is completely dry, but I usually just feel it to see if it's still cool.
You can also just let it air dry if you live in a humid place like Miami.
Or pack it in paper bags. Not plastic bags. Plastic=moldy bowls. Not fun.
You want it to slowly and evenly dry to avoid cracking. When you finally unveil it after drying is complete, it will have probably changed shape a little. Most of my thinner bowl usually end up more oval in shape than round. And the rim usually isn't flat, either.
Is that a bad thing? No... I think it actually adds interest to whatever you've done.
The thinner you make it and the wetter you put it in to the bag, the more the shape will have changed.
If you finish working on the bowl and it's fairly dry, you can go ahead and sand it down.
Wait a couple days to put on the finish.